Yes Mr. President, You Are Responsible For Donald Trump. Here’s Why.

Before I pen this post, I would like to take a moment to express a small token of gratitude; a benediction if you will, to our leaders in government. I would like to thank them for being so generous as to afford me the opportunity to write this rant without being thrown under lock and key. I have no idea where I would find the words or the initiative to write what circles my mind without the grace of their authority. I would also like to thank government for being so magnanimous as to allow me to defend my family with firearms and live by the tenants of a faith of my choosing; without their leadership – I would surely be lost as to what to do with myself.

Pleasantries out of the way, I would like to humbly remind our dear leader of how counter movements and demagogues are created. It’s quite simple, you create an environment of distrust. Then, once seeds of distrust have been planted via government corruption and broken promises, you drive a wedge. This wedge can have maximum efficacy if you first convince the voter you are a ‘uniter’ – for then, it must be the other sides fault if they oppose any of your divisive measures.  Finally, you cement this wedge by foregoing the doldrums of actual consensus building for the crusade of constant campaigning; in which the job you once so enthusiastically sought merely exists as a platform to criticize the company to by which you are employed.

To start a fire, you need three things: a spark, fuel and oxygen. It’s pretty obvious the press is the oxygen, and it is in large supply. The fuel could be two things really; one could say fuel is the anger of the people that, for time and time again, have been lied to and betrayed by government leaders who fail to fulfill their promises. Fuel could also be the incompetency of the Republican leadership themselves, in which that deserves it’s own separate post or perhaps an entire encyclopedia. Then there is the spark; and that’s where you come in Mr. President.

Time and time again this president has foregone his duty as leader and commander in chief to campaign for the idealism of his party and his party alone. Time and time again this president, with much skill and aplomb, has wrongly portrayed people outside of his party as ignorant bigots and boorish simpletons who cling to their guns and religion, who want dirty air and water, who want children to suffer and dare to question the blanket of security or the method of which he provides it. Time and time again, this president has led a government that passes life altering legislation on strict party lines; sharing not a shred of consensus or will of the people.

Mr Obama, you have a great deal of blame for the monster that is Donald Trump. There would not be a Donald Trump if their hadn’t been the spark. Yours has been the most divisive administration since, well – the last guy in office. As I have said, Republican “leadership” bears much of the blame for the crude display of populist outrage we have seen. Yet they have been fighting Trump tooth and nail. Where is Mr. Obama’s anger directed at? The men trying to put out the fire. So cease with your blame Mr. President, and grab a hose; that is if you really care that the building is on fire. Perhaps his hands are already busy holding a fresh pack of matches.

  • Well stated.

    • Dylan Lloyd

      Thanks Shaun 🙂

  • This is outstanding.

  • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

    Want to guess who is responsible for President Obama? Where was this type of article 8 years ago? We are screwed no matter which flunkie wins in November.

    • Dylan Lloyd

      The progressives like to constantly remind us (if falsely) that ‘we are the only major country without socialized medicine’ – what is not false, however – is we are the only developed nation without a legitimate 3rd party option for national office in our 230 year history

  • Inigo Walker Howlett

    It’s weird, I see Obama as a fairly mild, centrist neoliberal who would have fit neatly into the 1980s Republican Party.

    The spark that ignited the Trumpists is that they, like a lot of conservatives, look at the fairly dull, anodyne Obama and see this guy: