Will Republicans Nominate a Tyrant?

Donald Trump is leading a populist, authoritarian movement the likes of which we’ve never seen in the United States. On the wings of promises he cannot keep, rhetoric he cannot support, and policies he will not explain, Donald Trump has perfected the campaign style of Barack Obama, offering a transformation intended to occur without legislative process or constitutional integrity.

If you agree that both the Republican and Democrat Parties have led us down the wrong road, you also likely agree that it has been our governments rejection of the United States Constitution that has allowed the spread of their corruption. Donald Trump will no more bring our government into line with the Constitution than would Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s supporters, like the supporters of all great autocratic leaders, believe they are a part of a movement larger than the candidate himself. Thus, they overlook the glaring red flags, the horrifying lack character, and the dangerous lack of respect for the individual sovereignty of Man. Their hubris and their utter lack of respect for history allows them to believe they are a part of something magnificent and that they won’t end up condemned by history as the useful idiots in the rise of an authoritarian ruler.

We’ve seen these movements in every nation faced with economic malaise, a weakening national defense, and an ineffective and corrupt national government. These “strong men” are meant to restore order, but all they ever do is secure their own power. These “reformers” promise to fix all the problems of the nation with the sheer force of their will, and it is in that will, in the will of one man, that their subjects place their faith.

In American history, however, we’ve never fallen for these leaders, because as Americans, we have placed our trust and faith in God, not in politicians. In times of great national unrest, we’ve turned our executive powers over to men who have promised to return government to its constitutional integrity and first principles. We’ve never made the same mistakes as the Europeans and South Americans which led to despotism, war, and poverty. We’ve never sold our souls for a savior.

Donald Trump has no respect for our Constitutional Republic and neither do his supporters, if they are honest with themselves. Trump and his supporters believe the Republic is already dead, and therefore, in the foggy chaos of its unraveling, intend to take autocratic power for themselves, to reshape America in their own image, rooting out only that corruption which stands in the way of their will and the power of their leader.

This is a dangerous time for America. We are faced with one autocratic tyrant after another. From Corporatists like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, to an even more dangerous socialist like Bernie Sanders. These could very well be the last days of a struggling republic if we grant to the power hungry the power they desire, unobstructed by the rule of law and the United States Constitution.

We need a servant of the Constitution in the White House: now more than ever! There are two to choose from. Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul. Do not make the mistake of early 20th century Europe or late 20th century South America. Do not choose an authoritarian leader. Instead, choose freedom, choose individual liberty, choose The Constitution, and choose America.

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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.
  • Gary Mathis

    I love seeing the Repub establishment shit their pants over Trump.