Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump


After Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign Tuesday night, many of my fellow Cruz supporters have indicated that they will not be voting for Donald Trump. Many of my Libertarian friends are waiting with open arms to welcome me back from the error of my Republican ways. Some of my more moderate Republican acquaintances seem to have accepted that the Republican Party has simply imploded and have taken to listening to And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda by The Pogues. In other words, it’s getting pretty bad out there.

I, however, will be voting for Donald Trump and I would like to attempt to explain myself, because I do not believe that this vote is akin to denying Jesus Christ, burning down an orphanage, or dropping nuclear bombs on Nagasaki.

Donald Trump’s behavior during this campaign, while awful, isn’t entirely relevant to his potential performance as President. Yes, he smeared Ben Carson, accusing him of being like a child molester. His supporters spread fake articles about Ted Cruz having affairs with 5 different women. He mocked Senator Rubio for being short. He mocked Megyn Kelly for being female and having a menstrual cycle. He mocked Jeb Bush’s energy. Donald Trump is a mean person. He’s petty. It’s impossible to respect him as a man, or as a person.

But if that’s the only reason for not voting for him, I’m bewildered.

If Hillary Clinton becomes President, every good piece of legislation sitting in the United States Senate, waiting on a Republican President to sign it, continues to sit there. The REINS Act, which I believe to be the most important piece of legislation yet to be signed, would give Congress the approval of any regulation coming out of the executive branch having a fiscal impact of greater than 100 million dollars on the United States Economy. This is legislation that Hillary Clinton would never sign, but which would become law under Donald Trump. This is legislation co-sponsored in the House by the likes of Rob Wittman and Thomas Massie and sponsored in the Senate by Senator Rand Paul. This one bill could save our economy trillions of dollars. Trump would sign it. Clinton would not.

Donald Trump has indicated that he would sign HR 596 (or whichever Repeal of the Affordable Care Act was presented to him). Hillary Clinton would not. Donald Trump would tackle the illegal immigration problem in the United States. Hillary Clinton would not. Donald Trump would likely sign tax reform coming out of the United States Congress. Hillary Clinton would not. Donald Trump does actually have the experience to make the executive branch run more efficiently. Hillary Clinton does not.

Do I think Donald Trump is really a Democrat? Yes I do. I also think that Hillary Clinton is a liberal and a Marxist.

Is progressive populism dangerous? Yes it is, but we have a Republican Congress to restrain a President Trump, just as they’ve restrained President Obama.

Trump’s foreign policy isn’t great, but Hillary Clinton would be an unmitigated disaster! Libya? Iraq? Benghazi?

There are a thousand ways in which Donald Trump, moderate Democrat and billionaire playboy, is better than Hillary Clinton – liberal demagogue.

At the end of the day, I do not understand how hatred for Donald Trump is any different than our hatred for Bob Dole (who lost), John McCain (who lost), and Mitt Romney (who lost), while Donald Trump actually has a chance of winning. He will pull millions of Democrats over to the Republican Party for this election. Whether I hate him or not doesn’t seem relevant. He’s upset the established order in ways that make me extremely uncomfortable, but he will sign legislation Hillary Clinton would not. At the end of the day, that’s what you vote for. I voted for Romney and McCain, but all of a sudden, we nominate Trump, and I’m supposed to stay home or switch parties? I was a libertarian when I voted for Romney and McCain, but I still recognized an existential threat when I saw one. Does anyone think that John Kerry or Barack Obama are better than these establishment candidates our party nominated?

Of course not.

Listen. Voting for President is not a moral or ethical action. The general election is the election when we have the fewest choices. It’s during the primaries that we fight and I fought as hard as I could for Senator Ted Cruz (and he wasn’t truly my first pick). I would have supported Rand Paul if he had decided to run an adult campaign. We all lost. Bush, Kasich, Cruz, Paul, Walker, Rubio, and Carson lost. I’d have preferred any of these men to Donald Trump. That doesn’t matter now. All that matters is defeating Hillary Clinton.

It’s not about the “lesser of two evils”. Keeping Hillary Clinton out of the oval office is a practical necessity.

The Republican Party isn’t one party. We aren’t like the Democrats. We don’t all think alike. We aren’t drones.

The Republican Party is really a collection of a dozen smaller parties joined together in our resistance against liberalism and pure Democracy. We conservatives and constitutionalists have lost to establishment politicians for years, and we never had a #NeverRomney movement. We never had a #NeverMcCain movement. But we lose to a progressive populist and all of a sudden we’re all supposed to leave the Republican Party and go #NeverTrump?

I’ll just say it – we aren’t leaving the Republican Party because Donald Trump is dangerous, or equal or worse than Hillary Clinton. People are leaving the Republican Party because Donald Trump is an asshole. That’s not good enough. That’s not responsible. It’s emotional. Donald Trump will be a better President than Hillary Clinton and that is why I’ll be voting for him in November.

Donald Trump could actually do some good for our country. Yes I hate him and yes I hate many of his supporters even more (there is nothing as annoying as being lectured to by people who know nothing). If this Republican Congress wants to govern… if this Republican Congress wants to get their legislation out of the Senate… then they need to vote for Donald Trump.

I don’t support Trump. I don’t like Trump. After the National Convention I probably won’t ever mention his name in an article until after the election.

This isn’t about Donald Trump. This is about stopping the Democrat Party from destroying our country through incompetence and idealism. I understand that right now everyone is still feeling pretty raw. We’ve been mocked, insulted, and lectured to by idiots. It’s enough to make one absolutely insane. Donald Trump even came out and told the country that he doesn’t want our votes, that he doesn’t need us, that he doesn’t want us.

Well, I’m sorry Mr. Trump, this election isn’t about you or what you want.

I’m voting for Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton is the worst nominee the Democrat Party will have nominated in one hundred years. I’m voting for Donald Trump because I’ve been complaining for six years that our Republican Congress hasn’t done enough and Donald Trump might just be the only chance we have of seeing what few excellent bills our Legislature has written become law. I’m voting for Donald Trump because I want this country to get better, even if that means by just a very little bit, rather than continue spiraling down the Obama whirlpool.


A Personal Note to the Cruz Crew:

I understand you’re not wanting to vote for a lying reprobate like Donald Trump. I get it. I am as angry as each and every one of you. I just do not want to miss an opportunity to get the few good pieces of legislation that our Republican Congress has sitting in the Senate go to waste because we couldn’t overcome our feelings. I am setting my feelings aside and am looking at Donald Trump as our unfortunate and only defense against four to eight years of Hillary Clinton. This isn’t about the lesser of two evils. It’s about accomplishing something good. As much as I despise Donald Trump, he could accomplish many good things that we’d never accomplish under Hillary Clinton. At the end of the day, isn’t that worth the risk?



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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.
  • I am voting for Dinald Trump because the establishment has tried to destroy my family. More people have died in two weeks by defective and homemade trailers used in our nations roads since 1975 over 20,000 dead men, women and children including an additional 5,009 horses and since 1988 over 1,000,000 injured by loose passenger cars that tow trailers and the establishment cares about 10 deaths from defective airbags? Go to dangerous trailers DOt Org

    • niki

      the establishment is, or was not Ted Cruz…..what has Dinald to do with it?

    • Wade

      wow is this stupid posting day? And you think Trump has any clue to that problem? He has no clue about any issue. He was once in an interview this year and the guy asked what he as president would do to get Richard Simons released? Trump as usual with out thinking said we need to get him released and we will use what ever powers we need. Richard Simons was not being held captive though some rumored he was being held by his cleaning lady. That is the type of foolish president this man will be. You think dangerous trailers is a problem wait for the wars and conflicts this fool gets us into.

  • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

    This is a hell of a mess.

  • David W

    I’m undecided about Trump or 3rd Party as the lesser evil, and am trying to find the answer before November. That being said, I wish the whole debate was as rational as your article.

    • David, we abandoned reason long ago. Hopefully folks will calm down soon.

      • niki


        • niki, with only one name, politics is serious. We can not keep dividing ourselves after our faction loses. But I made this clear in the article. We’ve complained for years that Congress can’t get anything done, now we have a chance to give them a President who will sign their legislation and we balk?

          • Wade

            You are assuming that Trump would sign republican bills. You are also assuming that Trump would nominate conservatives to the SCOTUS. You are also assuming that Trump would change his actions, his demeanor and his reactionary ways. That is alot of assuming. You know what they say when you assume? Trump has no skills to be a president. Trump has very little understanding of our government and what each branch does. Trump has little understanding of the constitution and has proposed several things that are unconstitutional. Trump has even said he would order our service men to kil the families of terrorist. And you want this as president? You need help.

          • RevJules

            And the current prez had what skills to be just about anything other than dogcatcher? Yet, the fools elected him twice! If the past 7+ years of liberal carnage are not enough to keep Hitlery out of the oval office, cuz she would be nothing more than more of the Obama regime, I don’t know what would.
            A non-vote is a vote for Hitlery and more Clinton/liberal crap, and the end of America as we have known it.
            The never Trump crowd needs to get their heads out of the dark place and see the light. This nation cannot afford more leftist policies eroding our liberties and freedoms. With Trump there is a better than even chance we can right this ship of state. With Hitlery, just more listing to the left and its eventual demise.

        • Ted Seay

          You LOST. Grow up.

        • LoneStar

          Jeez, you are really quite nasty. Obnoxious, Really Obnoxious.

    • niki

      Go to Mark Levin Show Facebook….to see the other side of this debate….there is no hurry as the young Steven will have you believe…we have not even finished primaries you have plenty of time

      • I adore Mark Levin and I do believe Trump needs to win us over. But as the loudest voice for Ted Cruz in Virginia, I wanted to demonstrate that this #NeverTrump movement will hurt this country and hurt our cause.

    • Listen to Michael Savage’s podcast, Mark Levin panders to his advertising base.

      • David W

        Michael Savage always struck me as being rather offensive.

        • richp

          “Rather offensive”? Pshaw. Does that mean he makes your loafers too heavy?

          • David W

            No, it means he says untruths in a way that seems calculated to insult and abuse those he dislikes.

        • Sometimes the real truth hurts. He only speaks the truth, from my 17 yrs of listening. He’s still the same man of character today as he was then.

          Glenn Beck is once again morphing into whom ever his advertising base want’s him to be.

          • David W

            Actually, he offends me because he says a lot of things I know are not true.

  • Tony Hernandez

    I absolutely can not stand hillary, but I do disagree that she would be “the worst nominee the Democrat Party will have nominated in one hundred years.” IMO, barrack hussein obama has and always will have that distinction.

    • Tony, if it weren’t for her email scandals and Benghazi, I’d agree.

      • Tony Hernandez

        I understand what you’re saying, but when you factor in obama’s hatred for this country as a whole, specially his hatred of white people, plus what he’s been doing to advance ISIS’ agenda, he still has my vote as the worst possible…

      • niki

        is that all you think she has done ? How old are you??

        • In reference to the Obama comparison, the email scandal which should warrant life in prison, and her letting our citizens die in Libya make her worse than Obama.

          • chickadee

            Well there, now, see, you completely and totally lost all credibility. There was no email scandal (and if you consider what she did an offense, then Condi Rice among many others on the right should also be imprisoned), and she didn’t let people die in Libya any more than every single Republican president has, in greater numbers (e.g., Reagan, Bush). You, sir, are a brainwashed moron.

    • niki

      That’s because you don’t know enough about her, READ, EDUCATE YOURSELF, WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW WILL MAKE YOUR SKIN CRAWL….READ, READ, READ,

      • Tony Hernandez

        Oh, believe me, I know about hillary…it’s just that IMO barrack hussein obama is worse…

  • 8314TLC

    Thank you for your article since you’ve really given me something to think about. I was so distressed when Cruz quit. I can’t stand Trump…..not just since this election but have never liked him. He’s got a gutter mouth. He’s a bully etc,etc,etc. Whether they admit it or not we all know what Trump is about. You’re absolutely right….I DON’T want Hillary & by writing in a 3rd party candidate that would give my vote to her. I read an article today where Ben Carson said today that if Trump would make Cruz head of the Dept of Justice….let him try Hillary & THEN choose him for the Supreme Court it would be good. Now I’d really buy that & I’d stop moaning about voting for Trump…..just saying!

    • This has been so tough to take, but at the end of the day, national elections have to be about more than me and what I want. They have to be about what I want the next four years to look like.

      • niki

        a defeated sad American…Quit your damn whining and start acting like a real American, You sound like a whimpy Trump Liberal

      • Wade

        and with these two criminals running for president it is bleak no matter who wins. Neither is deserving of my vote and will not get it. I will not settle for anyone that has lied so much, threatened so much, smeared good people so much, insulted others so much, changes his position on the issues sometime in the same interview, And definitely will not support anyone who agrees with any abortion. I draw a line in the sand and will not step over it.

    • Wade

      no you voting for a third party is not giving your vote to hellery that is a stupid statement. You should never settle for something less than what you think is president material when you vote. Why would you vote for Trump? What positive things does he show that will make him a good president? Right there is none. I will not vote for Trump or hellery. Neither deserves my vote and I will not be conned, threatened, or lied into voting for either.

  • Tony Loving

    “Is progressive populism dangerous? Yes it is, but we have a Republican
    Congress to restrain a President Trump, just as they’ve restrained
    President Obama.” …Problem is…THEY WON’T!!! They will go along with him BECAUSE of the party label alone! And that’s only until the GOP loses both Houses because of the inevitable backlash against Trump’s disastrous reign. Yes – this is one “YUGE” goddamn mess!!!

    • If Trump is bad, we’ll primary him in 4 years.

      • niki

        You had the real deal, wouldn’t have needed to wait 4 more years of this crap ….FOOLS, you made your Trump bed , you lie in it…..pun intended…..I’ll vote , or not vote for whoever I damn well please

        • Niki, I was a county chair for Ted Cruz, I wrote dozens of articles on his behalf (all of which are featured on this site), I staffed voting precincts, and I’ve registered new voters. We lost. What have you done for Cruz? That said, he is not going to be our nominee (barring) some miracle. Eventually we’ll need to support out nominee.

      • Wade

        If Trump is bad? You think there is so chance of him being good? Look he said: The SCOTUS signs laws – meaning he does not know what the three branches of government do. He has made several proposals that are unconstitutional – one being I want to close all Mosques, which is scary because if that happens what next Churches that don’t agree with him? He has gone and changed his position on Abortion (wants exceptions now), Taxes(wants to raise them on rich), on special interest groups (pandered to the LGBT), and on self funding his campaign now hiring a George Soros partner to raise money. No there is no question he will be a terrible president.

        • Marilyn West Turner

          Our constitution allows America to rid itself of any groups who threaten us… Islam wants to take over the world.. And that includes America!

          • chickadee

            Uh, no, Marilyn. Islamic extremists may want to, but like Christian extremists who also feel their religion is the only way, they won’t be able to. Get it?

      • chickadee

        Please don’t give me that Ben “Sleepy” Carson logic. Is that really your answer? To put this dangerous loaded gun in the White House?

      • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

        With who? Jeb Bush?

        • Rand Paul or Scott Walker wouldn’t be bad choices.

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            Not electable, both already soundly rejected by voters.

    • Tony Hernandez

      Not only that, but when the hell did the Republicans “restrain” obama??? They gave that piece of crap every damned thing he wanted!

      • Tony Loving

        Oh absolutely…I agree with you wholeheartedly! Most are just squishy RINOs who have proved they have no backbone…but there is a lot to be said that many of them were fearful than any opposition to Obama would be spun as racism…and they’re right – but should’ve still stood up to him.

        • richp

          That racism charge is a lame excuse for preventing the “opposition party” from doing its job. Not only should the GOP have prevented the enactment of all of Obamas unconstitutional policies, they should have begun the impeachment process years ago. It’s never to late to arrest him, tho.

          • Tony Loving

            Oh I agree! Wasn’t what I wanted or even what I’d have done myself. It’s not meant to be an excuse, but the reason – as pathetic as that is. Impeachment = absolutely!! Let them riot over it…our side would win anyway. 😀

  • girlofObecse

    It is not over yet. If all the states not voted yet, would vote for Cruz, or just enough, that Trump wont get his magic number, Cruz supporters will have a chance at the convention. Work on it, not just lie down, and let Trump roll over us!

    • niki

      sign the petition at; change.org , search Ted Cruz write in petition !

      • Wade

        problem is he has to send a letter to each state to be eligible for a write in vote. And most people with these electronic voting machines do not now what to do.

  • Hector

    The guy who wrote the article “Why I’m voting for Trump,” has got it all wrong. If you were a Cruz supporter you were deceived. As a christian you must abide by the Holy Bible. Cruz professes to be a christian, but his actions contradicted what he professed. If you are going to say you are a Christian then you better run your campaign like a christian. As Christians we all have discernment and this is what got Cruz in trouble his contradictions to the Bible. I know Trump is a buffoon. However, he does not hide it. He is who he is. This is why the people gravitate to him because he is truthful in his character. Cruz is a campaign christian just like the Bush presidencies. Trump is a proven successful businessman. If he can’t make this country great again no one can. I’m voting for Trump because our future depends on it. Not just for legislation that may or may not pass. Our children deserve a future and the only one who can restore America is our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord himself used pagan leaders to get his points across his people. Therefore, a vote for Trump is a vote for the future.

    • niki

      what a SCARY FOOL…politics is not your thing Hector, really!, Maybe take a free Hillsdale college course on the Constitution then come back

    • niki

      Only an IDIOT disagrees, with a guy whose on the same side….good gravy ! Both of you is why I’m writing in Cruz

    • Tony Hernandez

      Hector, would you mind citing some examples of Cruz running his campaign in an un-Christian manner?

    • Wade

      well another foolish thing I have read. So your opinion is that if a man is proclaiming to be a Christian and makes a mistake then apologizes for it he is worse than the out right liar who continues to say one thing and do the other? Oh by the way Trump also said he is a Christian and try and tell me he is acting like Christ. You have a decerment problem Hector.

    • Cruz is nothing if not a genuine Christian.

    • You just admitted Trump is a self-admitted buffoon and a pagan….and you are trying to appeal to my Christian principles???
      No wonder Trump resonates with you.

  • niki

    JERK….anyone who falls for this guys crap …I’ve got swamp land for you !!

    • What’s your alternative to Trump and what is the likelihood of that strategy electing someone other than Hillary Clinton?

      • Wade

        what does it matter since Trump and Hellery are about the same in everything? Abortion – they both support it, Same sex marriage – they both support it, Higher taxes on the rich – they both support it, Both may be facing criminal charges, both are my way or the high way type people. The alternative was and is Ted Cruz. He is a true Conservative. If we continue to put up these liberals with a republican title we no longer have a choice between two parties we are the same party.

        • richp

          There already is only one Party in the USA; it’s called Globalist. Trump is not a Globalist, hence he is the alternative.

          • Ummmm. Are you dense? Who did Trump name as his National Security Advisor? Richard Haas. Who is Richard Haas? The freakin’ president of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). The quintessential proponent of the NWO. Dont take my word for it. Listen to the names Trump lists of as advisors in the 11th debate.

          • richp

            I didn’t know that, Adam. I do know that Alex Jones has said that Trump is not a globalist, and that is why he is hated by neocon repubs. I’ll look into it.

          • oh my

            trump IS a globalist.

        • Mistergilgamesh

          So…….besides being wrong, what will you do instead?

        • chickadee

          Listen up, Wade. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one. If you don’t want to marry someone of your same sex, then don’t! Easy peasy! Cruz is a psychotic theocrat, but I think you should write him in. Definitely write him in.

  • Wade

    Most foolish thing I have ever read. You say you can’t respect trump and you say rightly. But yet you will vote for him? Then you say you believe Trump is a democrat and yet you will vote for him? NO wae up. He will be as bad as Hellery. And the difference is the republican party will get the blame for years and years. You do not vote for evil and both of these people are evil. Both are awaiting criminal charges, her for all the government thing and he for frauding many people out of their retirement savings. It is time we the American people make a statement that we willnot settle for this kind of garbage anymore.

    • You’re statement won’t protect us from trillions of dollars in regulations which require no congressional approval. Essentially you’re voting for less executive accountability and a lower standard of living. I see no wisdom in that.

      • chickadee

        But you see wisdom in letting the planet go to hell in a hand basket? Uh, okay, genius. I’d stick to retail management if I were you. That way you can boss around young women, much like misogynist Trump and his three (so far) gold digging wives.

  • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

    Baring any scandal or illness. Why do you think the media will not make this race a nose to nose cliffhanger, down to the wire, and at the last minute throw Trump to the dogs? Nobody is more responsible than the establishment owned, profit oriented, media for the Trump win. The media set up Trump vs. Hillary for the ratings and profit

    Why wouldn’t Hillary pick Sanders for VP?

  • Catherine1102

    I loathe Trump, but if the Clintons win the White House, you won’t recognize America. As a Christian, I’m deeply conflicted, but a write-in or a no-vote would open the door for Hillary. And she will destroy America.

    • Cindy Byers Hennessy

      I agree with you 100%

      • Brenda N Steve Ruiz

        I agree as well. The republican party has NOT been the party for many years now. Heck they really couldnt even suppor Romney as needed because he was a Mormon. How crazy was that? War did we get for that selfishness? How about 4 more years of Obama? How did that turn out for ALL of us? Mitt to his own detriment didnt show the backbone we needed him to show against Obama. That is NOT a mistake Trump will make against Hillary or Bernie.
        If we want positve change for our country & children in 2016 then we’ll vote FOR Trump. I think its as simple as that.

    • Please clarify for me…..you think a choice to not vote Trump is a vote for Hillary. Wouldn’t that also mean that not voting for Hillary is supporting Trump? And last time I checked…it was his campaign that promised to get all these crossover votes. Right? So, if there truly will be this flood of crossover votes to Trump, then you don’t need the conservative vote. Now…we can all vote our principles, quit acting like the lesser of two evils is somehow good and try to get this right 4 years from now.

      • Theresa Hall-Klos

        You are deciding Trump is Evil. Your opinion is not the opinion of millions who are supporting Trump. This is a Revolution. Either join or be part of the enemy. Millions were spent on ads trashing Mr. Trump. People like you, who do not know Mr. Trump, have trashed him just from what the media has said, and you have believed. More than any other candidate, there are interviews and videos for the past 25 years + in which Mr. Trump has stated his views. He won fair and square, No cheating, as some other candidate has done. People are fed up with our Government. Trump has said what we the people have been saying.

        • Alice Raney

          But his opinion is the opinion of millions who oppose both Trump and Hillary. I agree, to vote for the lesser of two evils is to still vote in evil. I won’t do it. Vote your conscious, but mine says to not vote for those two. if a third party doesn’t come up who is worthy then I will write in a worthy person.

        • Matt

          Wrong. People see that Trump is evil not because of media spin, but because of the exact words that leave Trump’s mouth.

          • Theresa Hall-Klos

            What exact words are EVIL? Build a wall? Stop illegal aliens from invading our Country? Ban Muslims(which, in fact was already done years ago)? Support the Constitution? What EVIL are you talking about? Are you hearing what words are leaving Trump’s mouth or are you listening to what the media or someone else says he SAID?

      • Bonnie DeMoss

        Charles Spurgeon did say “of two evils, choose neither,” however, he did not say all the other stuff you have in your meme. And I don’t think choosing Trump is choosing evil. I think it’s choosing to save what’s left of our country from the globalists.

      • Max Keefe

        If Hillary is elected, you’ll have to look yourself in the mirror and say, “This is my fault.” If Trump wins and goes back on his promises, I’ll look at all of you guys in all total fairness and willingly admit, “At least it isn’t Hillary.”

        Stop Hillary, ppl.

  • richp

    The fact remains, when all is said and done, that we have the sole choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and we must support the candidate who MOST shares our vision on the future of America. May the best man win. :-I

    • Agreed

    • Alice Raney

      No we don’t we can write in our vote.

      • Krystal

        Please do that just takes votes from the canidate of that party a write in will never get enough votes to win

        • Kelly Love

          soo… cast no vote?

      • Jeff Fournier

        The write in Vote is a waste of energy and time. You either vote for a Candidate that has a chance of winning or don’t waste your time voting for someone who no one will care or know about. Be a part of the country’s future and vote for one of the Primary Candidates that you think will make America better. I will vote Trump because he is a great Family Man with his children, he has hired people of all nationalities and he wants to make our country great not others.

  • Mistergilgamesh

    Finally a former Cruz supporter that sees the truth and wants to take the correct action.

  • DSORBgoggles

    I did not hate Dole, McCain or Romney. Dole was simply out of his league and to weak to defeat Clinton. McCain I disliked greatly and still do, but he did nothing during the campaign that had me cringing at his words and actions. Romney was and still is a good man who was for the most part conservative but whom was too moderate on some issues and who ran a weak campaign in the general, and who patially lost because of super storm Sandy (stopped his momentum). But none of these men were bad people, which I think Donald is. I may end up voting for him, but he will lose not because of republicans but because of the 1/3rd in the middle who won’t be able to stomach voting for such a petulant, bombastic, bloviating misogynist of a man.

  • Ben Franklin

    You go to vote, and it automatically switches to Clinton. What will you do then?

    • Burn the machine

  • Marilyn West Turner

    I love Donald Trump.. Some just think he spouts vulgarities.. Some think he is not politically correct.. Would you rather have Sharia law? Would you want to live under the New World Order. So he says things that burn ..he does not kill or corrupt so get over the feel good you need to make you love him! The world will realize we are back to being a strong country who will not take the crap that Obama has let fly by and this country will be the strongest country in the world!

  • Kathi Miscia Murphy

    I am voting for Trump. And I am voting for him because of 2 words. SUPREME COURT. In the next 4 years we have the potential of having 4 seats open. Hilary selecting them is terrifying!

  • Brenda N Steve Ruiz

    I agree as well. The republican party has NOT been the party for many years now. Heck they really couldnt even suppor Romney as needed because he was a Mormon. How crazy was that? What did we get for that selfishness? How about 4 more years of Obama? How did that turn out for ALL of us? Mitt to his own detriment didnt show the backbone we needed him to show against Obama. That is NOT a mistake Trump will make against Hillary or Bernie.
    If we want positve change for our country & children in 2016 then we’ll vote FOR Trump. I think its as simple as that.

  • Brenda N Steve Ruiz

    I agree as well. The Republican party has NOT been the party for many years now. Heck they really couldn’t even support Romney as needed because he was a Mormon. How crazy was that? What did we get for that selfishness? How about 4 more years of Obama? How did that turn out for ALL of us? Mitt to his own detriment didnt show the backbone we needed him to show against Obama. That is NOT a mistake Trump will make against Hillary or Bernie.
    If we want positve change for our country & children in 2016 then we’ll vote FOR Trump. I think its as simple as that.

    • chickadee

      I think people didn’t vote for Romney because he is a religious extremist. And it has turned out really well, something you would be able to see that if you quit letting Roger Ailes run your life.

  • RiseToProsperity

    Thank you for writing this, and for laying aside personal feelings to vote for Trump for the good of the country. I am a Trump supporter, and I was also fully prepared to vote for Cruz, had he won the nomination, because, as you say, we cannot AFFORD to let the Democrats win. It’s not just what will happen over the next 4 years – whoever appoints replacements for the supreme court judges (which could be several of them over the next 4 years) will determine the direction our country takes for GENERATIONS. If we don’t get a Republican president this year, America is pretty much OVER, I’m afraid.

    As a Trump supporter, however, I’m very sorry to read that you hate us, and I’m offended that you feel I “know nothing”. But I’m not here to lecture you… I’m here to extend a hand… because we’re all Americans, and I believe, deep down, as one conservative to another, we both want the same things for this nation. We need to be locking arms and uniting as Americans and patriots… not hurling insults… because if we don’t unite, we are going to lose our country forever. Simple as that.

    What disturbs me most is how the media has managed to drive a wedge between us. They have twisted words, manipulated stories and misrepresented intentions, and as a result, many people are making decisions based upon beliefs and not facts.

    For example, you believe it was Trump supporters who spread rumors about Cruz having affairs… while I heard it was Rubio allies who leaked that. Who was responsible? We may never know. But the actions of one person – regardless which camp they were in – should not be a reason to hate multitudes.

    Is Donald Trump a good public speaker or a good debater. NO. I’ll admit that. BUT… our country is in a MESS – the worst it’s EVER been. We need someone tough to get us out of this. When I made my decision, I wasn’t looking for someone pure or perfect – I was looking for someone who had the backbone to stand up against the “open borders” agenda that is destroying our country. I have spiritual leaders – I don’t need my president to be my spiritual leader – I need a president who will DEMAND that American citizens and American sovereignty come FIRST. I need a president who will NOT bow or apologize to other countries.

    Honestly, I may have never supported Trump if the only information I had was just listening to his speeches and listening to the media. But, I did my homework. I read his book, “Crippled America”. Then I read “Art of The Deal” and “Time To Get Tough”. I began to see the heart of this man, the love he has for America, and his consistent message, even from years ago.

    I completely understand that for the people who have supported other candidates, it’s really, really hard to come over to the other side and say you’ll vote for Trump, after you’ve despised him for so long. I simply ask that you get the book, Crippled America, and read it with an open mind. Then read Art of The Deal, and Time To Get Tough. You will learn a lot about this man that the media has purposely suppressed. Is he perfect? No. But is he capable of making America great again? I believe he is. It would be a shame if we didn’t give him the chance.

    • Thank you. I agree. And we know Hillary will just be more of the same. She’s the worst Democrat candidate ever. She’s weak with women, young adults, and Republicans won’t switch over. Read my “Why Donald Trump Will Be The Next President” article and I explain why he’ll defeat Hillary.

  • GrahamTheCat

    If you honestly think Hillary is a “Marxist,” nothing else you write is worth reading. Radicalized scum.

  • There is something terribly ironic in a man with a spray tan claiming to be authentic.

    • Shannon Watley

      How do you feel about the color of Hillary’s foundation?

  • Nancy Webb

    Well, I was one of those Cruz supporters, and I have been debating what to do. I think you just convinced me.

  • Alice Raney

    Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. I will not vote for either party. I will trust the Lord in what happens and write in my vote if necessary.

    • DrawingConclusions

      then please don’t complain when all hell breaks loose b/c you lose your 2nd amendment rights if/when clinton is voted in and the supreme court justices start dying off in the next 4-8 years and she appoints an all liberal scotus. this would lead to 7-2 votes on things like the right to bear arms.

      either vote for your chance to keep the abilty to protect yourself and your family from ANYONE – including a government – from overstepping their boundries, OR, don’t vote and let hillary win and wait to get completely RUINED by a nanny-state government that won’t let you do anything you want anymore.

  • BostonMary

    Wake up America:

    “For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44

    President Ted Cruz 2016

  • Matt Ball

    I highly disagree with your opinion that “He will pull millions of Democrats over to the Republican Party for this election”. I do think they are lots of Democrats that do not like Hillary Clinton but they all seem to dislike Donald Trump more. My assumption is that these Hillary-Hating Democrats will vote 3rd party or write in before voting either nominee before ever voting for Trump.

    Just wondering what your is your reasoning/rationale?

    • The Democrats that are voting for Donald Trump are true believers and they are the reason why we had record turn out in the primaries. The reason Trump will beat Hillary is because Trump is getting Democrat crossovers despite losing many Republicans. Hillary is bleeding Democrats to Trump, but has no other group of people switching over to her side.

  • Mandi

    This is all well and good if you think we can hold a republican house and Senate… I think with trump as ournominee we likely forfeit at least one chamber… Then all this wonderful legislation will never see his desk and we’ll be 4-8 years of a terrible president having damaged the reputation of the GOP so we have no hope of a true conservative after Trump…

    • Mandy, there is nothing we can do to change that. I voted for Cruz in the primary here in Virginia. I staffed precincts. I wrote dozens of articles in his behalf. We lost. Now Trump is the nominee and we have a decision to make. Trump or Hillary.

  • Max Keefe

    Yes, it is worth the risk. Well put.

  • chickadee

    You have to be pretty clueless to vote for this charlatan whose grasp of governing is such that he thinks he can PRINT MORE MONEY to fix the economy. This pig, this demagogue, this adulterous LIAR who has five children with three baby mammas on whom he cheated while publicly bragging about it using disgusting language and descriptions of women’s bodies? (I guess that’s the norm amongst Republicans, all the while toting their bibles and swinging their guns around, just like Jesus, but still.) You’re going to vote for a reality television show star who has filed bankruptcy four times (yes, *he* has, not his companies — they are the same thing, and he can’t have it both ways). Your Republican congress has not only not done enough in 8 years, they’ve done nothing but cost taxpayers multiple millions of dollars to pay their huge salaries and benefits packages while they did nothing but posture and make the party the laughing stock of the world (in fact, they should be forced to return every cent they were paid). Trumpolini doesn’t have the support of Republicans now, and he won’t in the future, so that situation will only continue. But as you say, you used to support a psychotic homophobic theocrat who is universally despised amongst his colleagues, so anything you wrote after that sentence is blah blah blah. What a bunch of career politician babies, pedophiles, adulterers and morons you all have elected with your lack of ethics and morals! If you’re a Libertarian, then why would you support men who want to deny basic civil rights to people because of their sexuality? In closing, Hillary Clinton is not a Marxist. Please don’t use big words you don’t understand. And Jesus was a Democrat. Have a nice day!

  • Shannon Watley

    I would like to say so much in response to this article. I will only say this: a person that doesn’t want Hillary Clinton in the White House for the next 8 years needs to show up and cast their vote for Donald Trump. This isn’t a high school student council popularity contest. This is a war to defeat the self serving Liberal agenda that is utterly destroying the USA. You might have wanted the “general” leading this war to victory to look different, act different, be different. You got a citizen from the private sector with a lifetime of experience in business, a ton of moxie and plenty of stamina. He can defeat Hillary Clinton and together we can restore the vision we have for our nation under the constitution. You are not voting for a pastor, you’re voting for a presidential candidate that is ready and willing to do “battle” for this country. He is an imperfect human like the rest of us. Never forget to humble yourself to remember that. He is a patriot. He loves this country, our veterans, and capitalism. He has put his life on the line for us. He shows up everyday of this campaign with a suit and tie and educates and energizes the American people to defeat Hillary Clinton and the other countless liberals betraying our country. Get out and vote for the Republican nominee in November. Prior to the election, get busy talking to your neighbors, friends, and family and do your part to get the Democrats out of office. I’m donating money and my time and boldly displaying my support for Donald Trump for president. I am proud of him. I am grateful to him for doing his civic duty. God Bless America.

  • thegodemperor

    If you think Hillary is a “liberal” you have a terrible understanding of who a liberal is.

    She’s a corporatist sellout.

  • Matt

    Actually, this election is only about Trump and what he wants. Trump will only exceed the liberal use of Executive Orders. He will ruin partnerships by bashing our allies. He will tank this economy with tariffs and devaluing the currency by allowing the US to not pay its debts as agreed. Yes, Hillary will be an awful president. However, Trump is a loose cannon and cannot, under any circumstances, be trusted.

  • Kelly Love

    i appreciate this article – however, some of your characterizations of Trump are inaccurate … i.e. “playboy” – he was perhaps in the 80’s – he is now a family man with a spectacular family of hard working generous people… He never said he did not want the conservative votes.

    90% of his platform is conservative fiscally, foreign policy, and with immigration

  • SierraBear

    “I’m voting for Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton is the worst nominee the Democrat Party will have nominated in one hundred years.”

    What ridiculous reasoning. I hate to break it to you, but Donald Trump is the worst candidate ever put forth by the Republican party in their entire history. This is by virtue of the fact that he is a complete and utter phony. If people such as yourself had a clue there might be some hope for this once-great Republic.

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  • conspiracygirl

    You would have supported Rand Paul “if he had run an adult campaign.” I guess that means to Cruz and Trump types that Rand needed to insult people, act boorishly, make enemies of all his colleagues., thump his chest and promise to bomb Canada. Yup, making a rational case and being the only sane person on the stage wasn’t entertaining enough for the Cruz-Trump crowd.

    Just FYI: you don’t have a freakin’ clue what Trump will “do” as president. Like everyone else you have a wish list that you fantasize that he’ll support. But in case you hadn’t noticed Trump changes his mind every 3 minutes. Hillary is no better. She changes her mind on policy according to which way the wind is blowing — but one thing she is consistent about is war everywhere, all the time.

  • avocadess

    I do believe I agree! I don’t have to LIKE Trump to want him for President. Someone likeable is not what our country needs. We need someone who will come down hard where coming down hard is needed and I honestly do not believe he is mean-spirited or a “fake” Christian. He may not be a model Christian, but we are not voting for a religious office; we are voting for the Commander in Chief. I believe he will stand up for America. I would NOT have voted for Cruz. I don’t trust him.

  • Daniel

    I see where this article is coming from, but I think it’s forgetting that our president represents our entire country. How are world conferences going to be with Trump? Completely horrible. He’ll offend everyone there he might even start world war 3.