We Need Constitutional Conservatives Running the Republican Party

I don’t blame Donald Trump for the violence at his rallies, nor for the threatening behavior of some his followers. The Trump candidacy is not entirely about Donald Trump’s desire to become President, but rather about the citizens themselves and their desire to take out their anger on their government, their fellow citizens, and on the rest of the world. Trump talks about how we’re always losing and making bad deals and that’s exactly how many average Americans feel.

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of Americans who hate Muslims and Mexicans, who blame the Chinese for taking our jobs, who blame the federal government for starving the middle class economy (deliberately), who think Democrats are evil, who think the Republican Establishment sold them out, and who believe that anyone still holding their temper is guilty by association.

People aren’t supporting Donald Trump because they like his policies (he really hardly has any). They support Donald Trump because they believe he will hurt the people they hate, but are powerless against. They are not satisfied with Trump leading in delegates or leading in polls, however – their real desire may well be to act out their frustrations violently – and this we’ve already begun to see. This degree of anger is dangerous and difficult to control. Angry mobs are nothing if not unpredictable.

Now, you can’t blame Donald Trump for the disposition of his followers and not all of his followers are violent. He really does want to build a wall and slap tariffs on foreign goods, stop Muslims from coming to America, and believes in forcing Americans to pay for more expensive homegrown manufacturing, and this is why he has so much support. Donald Trump probably does believe that the system he’s been operating under, whereby he purchases political favors from politicians for his businesses, is a bad system, and I’m certain he believes he can make America great again.

Donald Trump is not an evil man. Dangerous? As President of the United States, you betcha.

Trumps’ policies will likely lead to war and economic depression if enacted, or worse, to even more frustration amongst his followers if the government does not allow Donald Trump to do every single thing he says he wants to do.

What frightens me isn’t so much Donald Trump, as much as the people who support him. These people aren’t evil, but they are so angry that they are beyond reason, they appear prepped for violence, and I do not believe that they can remain civil. I believe we will begin seeing more and more violence against minorities, against Democrats, against people associated with the Republican Party, against friends and neighbors who have not sworn allegiance to Donald Trump, especially if Donald Trump does not win the White House. Of course, if Donald Trump does win the White House, the threat of violence only increases.

Remember, these are people who a long time ago, (say, in the summer of 2015), liked Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Rand Paul, because they saw these Senators fighting the Republican Establishment and putting forward bills which would end many of the policies they despised. Now they hate everyone who doesn’t support Donald Trump 100%. They believe deeply in Trumps’ ability to hurt their enemies that they cannot pass up the chance to give him a shot at it. Nothing else matters. Donald Trump has to win.

Truly, there is nothing Donald Trump himself could do to lose the support of his followers, because his followers don’t really care about Donald Trump “the man”. They support “Donald Trump” the idea and the agent of American vengeance against all those bastards who’ve screwed America up or threatened us with poverty or terror.

I am convinced that if Donald Trump rounded up Mexicans and Muslims and gassed them, Trump supporters would not be deterred – and that scares me to death. I’ve heard, on multiple occasions from Trump supporters, that if I don’t like Donald Trump, I should get the hell out of the country. They aren’t kidding folks. They are that upset.

I would caution people not to discuss their opposition to Donald Trump around people who support him. I would certainly caution people not to say negative things about Donald Trump around his supporters. On the one hand, you aren’t going to convince a Donald Trump follower not to support Donald Trump, and on the other hand, it’s not worth making yourself a target.

Donald Trump could win the nomination and win the General Election and turn out to be a great President. I doubt it, but when it comes to The Donald, I try not to make any assumptions about possibilities. Even if that were the case, it changes nothing. This populist and violent spirit will still exist, even if we don’t see it on youtube or read about it on the blogs. The same anger that has allowed people, throughout history, to look the other way while their governments murdered undesirables, exists in America today.

What’s worse, is that it transcends partisan lines. Remember, a large percentage of Trump voters are Democrats voting in open primaries or even switching party affiliation in order to vote for Trump. Trump keeps tauting how he’s growing the Republican Party. Democrat primary and caucus turn out is shockingly low because so many Democrats are showing up for the populist movement behind the Trump campaign. Amazingly, about half of the rest of the Democrat voters are supporting the populist, and quasi-socialist, Bernie Sanders. Imagine, Hillary Clinton becoming the Democrat nominee when nearly 60% of Democrats despise her and support either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.

I do not blame Donald Trump, the man, for any of this. This reality existed before Trump announced his candidacy. He didn’t create it. It simply latched on to him.

I don’t blame “us” either, because we simply never saw this coming, because these people never had a Teddy Roosevelt to latch on to before. Now that I’ve seen it, I’ll never feel safe in my own country again. Populism will tear this country apart eventually, if we can’t agree as a people to despise it through and through.

We are a Constitutional Republic – or were – or could be again if we so choose. That means rule of law, a strict application of the constitution, and a functioning federalism from Maine to Florida to Texas to Ohio to California. Our government has abandoned the Constitution and it has abandoned federalism, and if the government can, the people can too – and as awful as governments can be, the people can be far worse – especially when they find a leader.

We need Constitutional Conservatives running the Republican Party, or else we open ourselves up to the violent populism we see today.

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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.