We Condemn the Violence

As a Republican, I have a deep and abiding appreciation for my party’s history in support of Civil Rights. We were the abolitionists. Fought to end slavery. Opposed Jim Crow laws. We fought for equal rights.

The events taking place in Charlottesville, Va over the past 24 hours are offensive to everything we stand for as a united Republican Party.

John Whitbeck, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia just issued the following statement,

The Republican Party was created to end slavery in the mid-1800’s and our Party today continues to stand for equality for all persons regardless of their race or ethnicity. We condemn the hatred and racism on display today in Charlottesville and note that there is nothing conservative about messages of that nature.

Virginia Republicans, Democrats and Independents are all unified in rejecting their message.

I would personally like to thank Chairman Whitbeck for his crystal clear opposition to the behavior of the White Nationalists and White Supremacists in Charlottesville.

Furthermore, I condemn the violence of AntiFa and their commitment to violence as an acceptable form of protest.

I have been a staunch opponent of populism on both the left and the right in American politics, because populism fundamentally undermines the integrity of the foundation of American society. We are not a Democracy. We do not believe in mob-rule. If 51% of the country believed that they deserved special rights or that the other 49% of the country didn’t deserve equal rights, we are protected from such mass ignorance by the US Constitution and the Rule of Law.

Our political differences ought not deprive us of our status as friends and neighbors across the country; and the last twenty-four hours certainly demonstrates the danger of politicizing our culture.

When governments become a conduit for taking from some and giving to others, for elevating some at the expense of others, or for providing security for some at the insecurity of others, then we have created a battlefield. Those who win have power and those who lose are powerless. In America, we strive for equal opportunity and an objective rule of law. Sometimes we fail. Through it all, we must aspire to the greatest liberty and the truth that our communities, our churches, and our friends and neighbors are our greatest strengths. Our ethnicity does not define us.

I pray that God will touch the hate-filled hearts that have unleashed themselves on Charlottesville. I also pray that Americans will come to realize that we are not each other’s enemies, but are partners in the pursuit of greater liberty, greater peace, and greater prosperity for the years to come.


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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.