Walmart Approved / Lake Caroline Board Wants To Build Bus Stop For One Guy

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Tonight’s Board of Supervisors Meeting covered a variety of budgeting issues, Dominion Power’s Four Rivers to Fredericksburg project, Meadow Events Park, Walmart Approval, and one particularly bizarre piece of business involving my community of Lake Caroline.

I do not have access to the full proposed budget, but can tell you that we are looking at 3.2% increase in spending with no new taxes or fees. We’re looking at the purchase of many new vehicles for the county, which I fully support considering the cost of maintaining the old wrecks our county has been operating. Property reassessments will be mailed to homeowners on March 4th, and we’ll be looking at 1 to 5% increases in property values. Rates will be lowered.

Marlene Pierson-Jolliffe, spoke on behalf of Meadow Events Park. Despite the awful year they had in 2015 (by no fault of their own – the meteorological gods simply did not smile upon them) they do seem to have a forward thinking and proactive plan for future growth. Here are some links to check out what they’ve got going on in the future.

Meadow Event Parks Weddings
Secretariat Tours at Meadow Events Park (Will include Secretariat’s great, great, great, great granddaughter Ground Shaker).

Beginning in the 4th quarter of this year, Dominion Power will begin reworking power lines from Four Rivers to Fredericksburg, through the heart of Caroline County. There will be no disruption of service, but their presence and their work may be noticeable. For updates on the Four Rivers to Fredericksburg project, go to and type in “Four Rivers” into the search bar. You’ll be able to track the projects progress and see where crews will be working and the site is already active today. The possibility of making someone from Dominion Power available at local district meetings was discussed and Dominion Power representatives were open to that suggestion. Construction will take place through the 4th Quarter of 2017.

It’s now been officially approved – Walmart will be coming to Caroline County in Ladysmith, Virginia. The developers will still require all the necessary permits. This kind of development is good for Caroline County, but these types of developers aren’t exactly friendly to local residents. The Board has done the best job they can, in my opinion, at negotiating this deal. This will probably be an inconvenience to local residents here in Ladysmith for a year or two, but a benefit to our town over the long term and a net benefit to the county in general. A Walmart will help raise our property values to match the arbitrary and irrational assessments which will be coming out on March 4th

Now, with regard to Lake Caroline, in Ladysmith, I have some very bizarre news to report.

Apparently, one resident in Lake Caroline wants Lake Caroline to build a bus stop on route 1 just outside of Lake Caroline to carry himself to Fredericksburg. Previous Lake Caroline Board’s have rejected this insanity outright, but it was reported that the current Board is willing to pay top dollar so that one resident can take a bus to Fredericksburg. This is outrageous. This matter will likely not be taken up until the Summer before the Board of Supervisors.

If you know anyone that lives in Lake Caroline, please contact them and ask them why they are willing to pay to build a bus stop for one resident. Sane people in Lake Caroline would like to know.

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