Vince Haley vs. The RPV

Vince Haley is running for chairman of RPV. A couple months ago I issued an endorsement of John Whitbeck. Many others have too, and have recanted their endorsements. I can’t.

Please, do not let the fact that I cannot switch my endorsement at the last minute, or actually after the fact, lead you to believe that I do not support Vince Haley. I do. I support Vince Haley for Senate, Vince Haley for Congress, Vince Haley for Governor. I support Vince Haley to represent me and my brand of constitutional republicanism.

Vince Haley is going to have the support of my people on “the right” and he’ll have the support of Republicans on “the left” (or the middle, whatever they are). The Establishment folk that have lost jobs under Whitbeck will back Haley.

John Whitbeck has been a scapegoat for both sides. Everyone bashes him, yet he doesn’t give in to anyone. The State Central Committee, which represents the local republican party, makes bad decisions, and he does his job. Instead of deciding to unelect everyone on the SCC, who decide that John Whitbeck should serve as the scapegoat, take the blame, and get burned at the alter.

I endorsed John Whitbeck for a reason. He sits in the middle between left and right and holds the line, grows the party, and does his job.

I am angry with my conservative friends that, at the last second, ran Vince Haley against John Whitbeck. Not because I dislike Vince Haley, to the contrary, there are few men I respect more. In fact, if Vince wanted to run for delegate, or state senate, or Congressman, I’d be behind him, no questions asked.

I have been told that Vince and his wife and his family have decided that this is what they want to do. I assume, therefore that they are not considering his career and that they have decided that he won’t run for State Senate, or Congress, or Delegate.

This upsets me. Congressman Dave Brat has promised not to stay more than three terms in the House of Representatives. There is no one in the 7th District better to run in his place four years from now, than Vince Haley. You must understand that I respect this man, his wife, and his family. Most of the activists that run in my circles will support him and they should. I should. I do.

Only, the Republican Party of Virginia is a suicide watch. It’s where good men go to die, politically. Conservatives who ought to love John Whitbeck, now hate him, because he answers to the State Central Committee. I wasn’t involved when we decided to sacrifice John Whitbeck. I’m here now. John might not be doing a great job. It’s hard to be attacked by “the money” and “the base” at the same time. John Whitbeck is hated no matter what he does. I like that., of course, I’m not married to him, I’m not his kids, I’m not an employee of the GOP in Virginia.

Vince Haley versus anyone? I would vote for Vince for Congress, for state Senate, for Senate, for anything. There is no downside.

That John Whitbeck is the target? Gosh… I don’t know. I don’t support that.

John Whitbeck axed some establishment folks, so they’ll back Vince Haley. John Whitbeck has supported this idiotic pledge plan, which has turned the majority of Republicans off.

I don’t allow candidates, even the candidates I love, to usurp my endorsement at the last minute. I’ll continue to endorse John Whitbeck. That said, if there was a paying job, I’d quit mine to get Vince Haley elected to anything. I won’t oppose anyone backing Haley either.

I will ask you this. Could John Whitbeck run for Congress? State Senate? Or Delegate?

This is not a good career move by Haley. Vince, I support you and I support John. If you win, I hope you run for State Senate again. Run for Delegate if Buddy doesn’t. Run for Governor. This is a strange battle. No one called me to back Haley for RPV. Nor did anyone call anyone. If Vince wins, fine. If he doesn’t, then win something else.


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