UPDATE: One Man Lake Caroline Bus Stop A No Go

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The bizarre business before the Board of Supervisors last night regarding Lake Caroline potentially shelling out cash for a Fredericksburg Bus Stop outside of the development, for one resident, would appear to be the wishful thinking of one over-zealous individual.

Lake Caroline has told several residents that it has no plans to pay for a bus stop and I can tell you that without Lake Caroline paying for a Bus Stop, the Caroline County Board of Supervisors will not authorize or pay for one outside of the Lake Caroline Community.

Several Individuals have suggested having buses stop at Ladysmith Baptist across the street from Lake Caroline, however, I’m sure someone might want to check with Ladysmith Baptist about that.

Moral of the story, skipping your POA and running straight to the Board of Supervisors is a gigantic waste of everyone’s time.

On behalf of the 99%, I would suggest not doing that in the future.

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