The Songs of Angry Men

The Donald Trump campaign is fueled by a restlessness amongst anti-establishment Americans who believe that a Trump Presidency will burn both establishments to the ground and magically change everything in American politics. It must be true, because Sean Hannity can’t seem to shut up about it.

Donald Trump is supposed to get the nomination and then, somehow, decades of establishment political infrastructure goes poof, the Republican Party magically becomes conservative, the Democrats become moderate, everyone gets a tax break, everyone strikes oil on their own property, and we all live happily ever after. Drill baby, drill!

Unfortunately, these are “the songs of angry men” who believe that there is a “life about to start when tomorrow comes”.

And of course, as we learn in Les Miserables, they’re all killed… stupidly.

The reality is, that establishments are not defeated without planning and hard work. No authority has ever been quickly destroyed by the furious workings of some agent of chaos. This is not Hollywood – where the scrappy idealists devise some wacky plan to defeat the villain. This is the real world, where hard work must be done, where real change takes decades (and often times, war).

Donald Trump isn’t going to destroy the establishment, fix the bureaucracy, or destroy either of the political parties. 8 years from now there will still be Republicans and Democrats, there will still be political parties, and they will still be playing their games. The question is, are they being held accountable and do they fear their constituents. Have conservatives, constitutionalists, and libertarians come together to unite during elections to nominate Republicans that will represent them? Answering these questions is how you build a real movement and develop real change.

I keep hearing from Trump supporters, “well, even if Trump does fail, it doesn’t matter because the country would fall apart anyway”.

Friends, when people sound that suicidal, do not follow them on their damn fool ideological crusade. It always ends up badly – and this Donald Trump experiment is no different.

Think about it. Donald Trump hasn’t united the conservative movement against the establishment. It’s divided the conservative movement in ways that the establishment could have only dreamed of. They tried so hard to split the TEA Parties, to pit them against one other, and they failed. Only Donald Trump has been effective enough to divide the TEA Parties in half.

Trump isn’t just being attacked by the establishment. Most of the anti-trump voices are coming from conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians, and other people who don’t want to set off a nuclear weapon in the heart of our nation. We don’t want to burn “it” (whatever the hell it is) to the ground. Responsible, patriotic Americans have been doing the hard work, laying an intellectual framework and establishing their own political infrastructure. Conservatives understand that the first thing that gets burned under a Trump presidency are Trump’s followers.

Who in the world will ever trust these people again? The establishment hates them for trying to burn them to the ground and the conservative movement no longer trusts them because they nominated and supported a progressive billionaire playboy who has depended upon the political establishments his entire business career. Trump is corporatism, elitism, and establishment all rolled into one profane excuse for a political candidate. He’s burned all the bridges around him – and the ones he didn’t burn, well, his supporters are likely taking care of them presently.




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