There is a Democrat Debate Tonight (Despite Evidence to the Contrary)

Democratic presidential candidates U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (L), former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (C) and former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley react to the crowd before the start of the first official Democratic candidates debate of the 2016 presidential campaign in Las Vegas, Nevada October 13, 2015. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson - RTS4CI6

The Democrat candidates for President will be speaking with one another on a debate stage tonight, on ABC, at 7pm. Unlike a Republican debate, where the country watches a multitude of ideas and political philosophies in lively competition, this Democrat Debate is a debate over who gets to deliver the Democrat Agenda to the American People in the general election.

They all have the same agenda. They want stricter gun control laws and more funding for a federal bureaucracy they believe deserves more power and scope.

That’s it. That’s all they’ve got. You might argue that their desire to massively expand education and health care programs fall under a policy discussion, but they all believe that health care and education should be controlled and regulated by the State and therefore, these really are questions about the administration of the bureaucracy.

President Obama will be remembered, I believe, for his remarkable transformation of American Government from being the product of legislation (i.e, a government defined by Congress) to a government defined by Executive action through the bureaucracy. The executive branch runs the show, now more than ever before and Hillary Clinton and her donors, Bernie Sanders and his revolutionaries, and Martin O’Malley and his donors, all want control over these incredible reigns of power.

Therefore, despite the fact that it seems as if there is no Democrat Debate this evening, and despite the fact that no one will be discussing it after it has taken place, I would encourage you to watch it anyway. It is important for non-Democrats to understand just how radical these Democrat candidates really are and to appreciate the fact that regardless who becomes the Republicans nominee (for the most part) no man or woman running for the Republican Nomination is as dangerous to the nature and essence of our Republic, as these three Democrats.

Yes, watching a Democrat debate is a form of self-immolation, bordering on psychological abuse, but understanding the nature of these people will be important when deciding whether or not to vote in November, 2016.

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