The Republican Party Should End Prohibition

We need a plan to legalize and regulate drug use in America – and we need it fast. Too many people are dying.

I understand all the arguments against drug legalization and I’ve heard them all a thousand times. However, it is past time that we recognize, as a nation, that prohibition has been one of the most violent, expensive, corrupt, and immoral ventures we’ve ever taken on together.

First, prohibition hasn’t stopped anyone from trying or becoming addicted to drugs. All the illegal drugs are still out there and most of them are there in record numbers. Second, we’ve turned this country into a prison state, treating addicts like criminals and creating black market economies that, by their very nature, appeal to actual criminals! Third, we are spending a fortune on prisons and programs and law enforcement, often times placing the lives of addicts and law enforcement at risk.

Truly, this is madness. No one is going to argue that drugs are good. No one is going to argue that we want our children and grandchildren experimenting with drugs. Ex-addicts have stories they can tell you that will break your heart and make your blood boil. Lives are ruined, families devastated, and there is no undoing much of the sorrow that comes when addiction hits too close to home.

These dark truths notwithstanding, has prohibition saved any one of us the heartache and heartbreak associated with addiction? Not only do you know people in your lives who have become addicts, but you also know that they have become criminals. There is no breaking free of the cycle we’ve manufactured and none of us have been spared one tear on account of our drug laws in this country.

I’m not talking about chaos and anarchy and long-haired hippies smoking pot in the cubicle next to you at work. We need laws and regulations that can protect individuals from those under the influence of mind-altering drugs. We have these regulations in place for alcohol and we all seem willing to live them, even though alcohol is still responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of tragedies every year.

Addiction and drug abuse has always existed and will always exist. No set of laws or good moral teaching is going to stop some human beings from suffering through the tragedy of addiction. The question you have to ask yourself is, is prohibiting drugs worth propping up powerful drug cartels all across the world, creating criminals out of your sons and daughters on top of the tragedy of addiction in the first place? Do you want to spend billions of dollars on law enforcement and prisons? Everyone is fine and dandy with making criminals out of drug addicts until they discover that there is a drug addict in their family.

We are talking about a psychological and medical condition that will not be mended with laws. Prohibition is ruining lives, destroying families, and causing tens of thousands of deaths every year. Heroin epidemics are spreading all over the country. Have you laws done anything to prevent it? Of course they haven’t – but your laws have created multi-national crime syndicates and forced you to pay billions in taxes to support the largest prison system on the planet.

Now, I know there will be people screaming that this is not a conservative position to take. Really? How many times did Reagan talk about conservatism as a world-view derived from human experience? How many times have we heard Mark Levin say the same thing? Well, if human experience hasn’t taught us that prohibition, as a matter of policy, isn’t the most expensive, violent, and exacerbating mistake we’ve ever made, then what has our experience taught us? Anything?

I’m not asking anyone to condone drugs or drug use – but I am asking you to rise up and demand an end to all the needless death and misery that surrounds us, and which we seem to try our best to ignore. Well, it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore isn’t it?

I’m not calling for a drug free-for-all. I’m calling on our governments to develop a plan to legalize and regulate drug use in America. I’m calling on our government to stop standing idly by while thousands of our friends and family die in the shadows of the black markets we’ve created. I’m asking our governments to be compassionate and moral and serious about solving these problems, instead of hiding behind “prohibition”, as if that’s somehow saved anyone from anything.

I hate prohibition because I care about people, about liberty, and about actually dealing with reality, instead of spending hundreds of billions of dollars pretending that addiction and drug abuse is merely a legal issue. Prohibition is heartless – plain and simple.


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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.