The Party UNITES!!


What is a Republican?? That answer differs from one to another, liberals and progressives believe it is an evil white guy taking rights and money from every minority in the country. To the Tea party, Republicans are RINOs who are willing to sell out to any democrat to hold power.herd

I believe we are more. Republicans simply want safety, security, limited central government, responsible spending and taxing and a strong economy. Sure we understand that there is give and take and to get what we want we have to toss a few thing to the left. This seems to be the issues with the far right and creates the infighting we all hate. Republicans understand that our small concessions will eventually help our cause chip away at the bad legislation the progressive liberals have given us since LBJ, but we need our friends to the right to come around. Rome simply wasn’t built in a day nor was it destroyed in a day. We need our fellow travellers to join us in the fight to chip away at the poor decisions by former leaders from both the progressive left and right. I do not stand hard against social or single issue politics because I am a student of history, historically these issues are a wash in a thriving economy that promotes happiness. If we continue to create anger and hate we will never end this vicious circle, anger breeds anger and hate breeds hate. BUT if the right unifies under a simple platform to move our country from ongoing recession and fears of terror then the right will prevail. We are the party of equality, we are the party of individual rights, we are the party of the people of the United States of America

….. It is about time we start acting like it…..

for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness..



  • The security of our nation is the 1st and most important job of the Federal Government. Properly securing our borders while still maintaining our tradition of being the “shiny city upon a hill” should be 1st priority, we can do so while creating safe responsible immigration reform.  We need to be able to defend our soil from “enemies both foreign and domestic” as terrorism grows both abroad and in our backyard.


  • We must return the economy to the people. Allowing the Government to spend our money how they seem fit has created ongoing waste and abuse. Spending and taxing must be responsible and not wasteful; a balanced budget amendment to include zero based budgeting, line item veto and appropriations will end the yearly fight over Continuing- Resolutions and Debt ceiling issues.


  • States should have the majority of power when it comes to education. What is necessary in rural areas may not be in dense metropolitans. We need to guarantee our children are not learning to pass tests to, but learning the information to succeed in life. I propose that we put more emphasis on STEM education and less on SOLs and Common Core.


  • The infrastructure of America is our lifeline, Eisenhower understood this and we need to remember. We need roads, bridges and tunnels fit to transport our goods from ports, plants and warehouses to those who need them.


  • Our energy resources here in America are vast and plentiful yet horribly underused. We have oil, coal, developing wind, natural gas emerging throughout the regions and solar showing up. As an energy rich country we should be able save our residents a great deal in energy cost as well as sell energy to other nations.


  • I don’t, on principle, disagree with any of that; however, I would add to it, in principle, that as Republicans we ought to have the greatest intolerance for waste, fraud, and corruption within the political process itself. We can no longer tolerate or take for granted a certain level of corruption which costs the tax payers hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

  • The top of the list should be what the Founders sought most to protect, and you ahve not mentioned once…PERSONAL LIBERTY. This is why there is no unity, until PERSONAL LIBERTY is the top issue followed by all the rest, we will continue to be a fractured party.

    • He did mention individualism, which, I imagine equates to personal liberty; and I agree with you, the Republican Party will never draw in the Libertarians without personal liberty being in the top 3, nor will they draw in the constitutionalists, without Constitutional integrity, being in the top 3. Sadly, even if that happened, right now, Corporatism would also be in the top 3, which is something none of us can stomach.