The Intolerance of the Illiberal Left

When Tim Scott became the first African-American Senator in the south since Reconstruction, it didn’t take long for left wing idealists to coalesce around a typical strategy: portray their rival as a sub-human moron.  North Carolina NAACP leader William Barber quipped, “A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy.”

When left wing extremists on the campus of Mizzou vandalized a statue of Thomas Jefferson in a frenzied misunderstanding of what our 3rd President stood for, conservative students successfully fought a petition to have the statue removed. The reaction upon learning one of those brave conservative students was a black woman? Their hateful response (also employed against Senator Scott) rhymes with “Duncle Pom.”

You see, the left believes they OWN certain groups. They sear with anger upon learning one of their shepherded members from illusory type-cast voting blocks grows a brain and engages in independent thought.  This brings me to another Scott; a friend and genuine good person – Ryan Scott Presler. Ryan is a Republican activist. Ryan Scott Presler is also gay.

Ryan, due to his high profile visibility in the community, was recently interviewed by The Virginian-Pilot to offer a glimpse into his thoughts and motivations.  Below you will see some of the responses from the Pilot’s comment section directed at Mr. Presler.

“You can be gay and stupid” – Nathaniel Hamilton

“I’m gonna need ya’ll to stop pretending ya’ll don’t wanna bring lynching back” – Junior Brown

“I wonder how much he got paid to endorse someone who thinks LGBT’s aren’t people” – Max Schmur

“Moron” – Ashley Palmiero Hall

“Confused or self-hatred?” – A.D. Faried

“Trump and the retardicans are gonna use this boy as ammo ahahahahaha – Anonymous

I included the names next to the quotes not to call out certain individuals, but to show they were made by real humans. Real people who are not interested in somebody else’s story or viewpoint, but are bound by intolerance to what they don’t know or understand.

This deranged thinking style of the illiberal left is illustrative of their intolerance. As Rick Jensen put it, “When they can’t find any actual examples of racism to explain why a Republican would not be in favor of expanding government control over their lives (as liberal Democrats demand), then the reason must be some sort of “racist code” that only the erudite liberals can decode for the masses to understand.”

What has served as a chopping block of public humiliation and character assassination for black Republicans (see Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas) is now being used on gay Republicans too.  No political party has a monopoly on an entire race or sexual orientation.  There are many of us who are continuing the fight for diversity inclusion in the GOP – we are winning; and the left doesn’t like that.

The Republican Party has always been a contentious place, and it’s high time we start embracing it. The wealth and biodiversity of ideas makes for a very interesting and sustainable ecosystem in which natural selection pits good policy vs. bad policy in the ultimate fight for political survival; unlike the bio dome of the Democrat left in which policy needs safe spaces, super delegates and carefully controlled PH levels in the soil to blossom!

Sadly the hate spewed at my friend comes from an institutionalized modern orthodoxy of thought suppression: The American College Campus. According to reports which even liberals agree with there has been a growing number of cancellations to speaking engagement s based on hypersensitivity to a speaker’s political leanings.

In response to protests blocking conservatives from college campuses, former White House Senior Policy Analyst Jeff Schweitzer had this to say:  “An increasing number of students have decided that their personal and easily-bruised sensitivities trump the Constitution and my individual freedom. These anti-liberal liberals unknowingly take the radical position of dictators and tyrants that the way to control thought is to suppress any speech that is deemed by anyone to be distasteful. Nothing could be more distant from true liberalism, which warmly embraces broad tolerance of disparate worldviews.”

Most of the commenters who savaged Mr. Presler were of a certain age group and had recently attended college (I checked their facebook pages and tried to friend request them). The left is grooming young people to become the one thing it claims so vehemently to hate yet strives so ardently to achieve: intolerant.