The Every Man

It is said Benjamin Franklin was as comfortable in a pub drinking a pint with locals as he was drinking fine wine with kings and queens. He understood people and I suppose because of his lifestyle he could adapt well to his surroundings. Franklin was a self-educated man whose curiosity lead him to greatness. He was not self-indulgent as his ideas and inventions were designed to better his neighbors’ life. I do not believe we have statesmen like this in power anymore. It worries me that self-gratification and the pursuit for power has killed the “every man”. Seldom do we see a man/woman run for public office that has a true working man’s background, who chose to be a grunt over years and years of academia. Will society ever accept a man that has chosen to read and study to gain knowledge and able to use common sense to find solutions?

I believe there will come a time when the common sense blue collar candidates will rise to the top replacing the before mentioned self-aggrandizing leaders we have today. It began a few years ago as the then Tea Party came to power, they lead the way to a strong movement away from the traditionalist that were currently digging us further and further into oblivion. In more recent cycles the Tea Party folks have strayed from their founding and began to become more obstructive and more radical. I, myself, became involved in this game we call politics because of the ACA legislation. Early on I was pulled to the hard right because I was new to politics and they were the flashy loud group that seemed to make sense. Of course the more I became involved and the more I infused my economics background with my new found love for politics the more I learned that the proposals by the new Tea Party aka Liberty aka Freedom groups were virtually impossible. I studied the budget process and the appropriations processes, I learned that the bill of goods that the right wanted us to believe wasn’t so. I learned that we have to pick away at legislation just as the Progressive Democrats have since LBJ or before. It is easy to get elected on impossible promises and empty rhetoric if you seem like you are fighting the man….man!!! It is even easier to get reelected if you continue the idea that you’ve done everything in your power to follow through, it’s intellectually dishonest but hey it’s Washington.

We need to look at our local activist, we need to find those who offer real ideas not just parrot the party’s platform. We need candidates that run on something other than promises to follow a Creed or simple minded rhetoric. Yes making America great again is a great idea, but it is simple minded. How, when and at what cost, these are the question that no one is asking and/or demanding answers to. Running of our creed is great but actually do what you promise, build an economy, solve immigration, and work with appropriation committees to pass a balanced budget that pays for everything.

We have business owners that and community leaders that understand that it takes time to build a business, the same can be said for reforming a broken economy. We have skilled negotiators that know when and what they have to give up to get exactly what they want, yet they are sitting in a office in a back room at their house figuring out how to get 5 employees to do the work of 10. We need thinkers and innovators representing us in Washington, not professional politicians, we need the guy that is balancing a business, his family and life……………

We need an Every Man!

  • To do what you are talking about really does require a local focus. Meeting my local board and local government, things look different than in Washington. But they are different. Four Board members and a new Director of Social Services can mean real change. Thoughtful, non partisan change. Nationally and in State government, you need more people.

    • David Southall

      Anyone who’s ever been a part of a campaign knows all politics are local.

      • They are, but Senators represent special interests and party leadership much more they do then citizens living in The State that elects them. That’s something that folks should understand about national politicians.

        • David Southall

          Again, you can say that about every level. The reason I wrote this piece was to highlight the need to move away from candidates like you mentioned.

          • If you can find them….

          • David Southall

            I know a couple interested, but in elections money talks not the message!

          • Tell that to Jeb!

          • David Southall

            His opponents aren’t hurting either. And I was speaking on a local level.

          • That’s true, at the local level, it seems like developers have the upper hand.

          • David Southall

            Lawyers, developers, etc.