The Conservative Movement is Dead; Long Live the Conservative Movement

This is not a call for peace, unity, or reconciliation. Truly, there will be no peace, unity, or reconciliation, after tonight, between the old brigades of the conservative movement.

The conservative movement is dead.

How did the conservative movement die? For starters, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Donald Trump all ran for President at the same time. Before this election, the conservative movement was a unified front of libertarians, constitutionalists, disaffected moderates, frustrated social conservatives, and populists. The election came and each wing of the conservative/liberty/patriot movement (whatever you want history to call it) ran a candidate for President.

It got ugly, and fast.

While we cannot yet close the book on this election cycle, it would appear that the largest and most powerful faction within the conservative movement were the populists. We knew they were there. They were loud and they thumped their chests and they said crazy things. We assured our friends that they didn’t define us a group. “We’re not all like that”, we’d tell them. Most of us believed that the conservative movement was about principles and political philosophy, not just about beating the enemy and then taking their place while tossing principles and philosophy aside (as the populists are want to do).

Enter Donald Trump. All of sudden, libertarians, conservatives, and constitutionalists are sitting around wondering what the hell was going on. Our friends were rallying behind a progressive Democrat just because he said something about a wall and kicking out the muslims?


Our good friend, Tom White, over at Virginia Right, has lead a vociferous defense of Donald Trump and a ferocious attack against Ted Cruz for months. Just as I have led the attack against Donald Trump and the defense of Senator Ted Cruz. We both recognize that there will be RINO’s to slay someday, and had tried to be careful not to go too far or to sever too deep, accidentally slicing through arteries that could not be mended.

Then… this morning, I read this:

So if you are looking for a Cult leader as the next President, and you believe that Ted Cruz is Jesus, by all means vote for this false prophet. And deal with his nasty disciples who are so swift to judge and condemn you if you are not their particular brand of extremist crazy.

Ted Cruz makes the Taliban look like sissies.

And while there are no snakes used at any Ted Cruz rallies I have seen, don’t doubt for a second that Ted Cruz is truly a Serpent of Satan. (Virginia Right)

Arteries have been severed.

Now, we all know why Donald Trump is so popular. He’s mocked and out foxed the media, both political establishments, and all those sanctimonious talking heads that we (the old conservative movement) have hated for so long.

But those of us who believe in specific principles, first principles, and fundamental philosophical systems, had an awful lot of questions we hoped Donald Trump would answer. Trump never would and never will, because Donald Trump has no philosophy and no first principles. Donald Trump believes in Donald Trump and so do Donald Trump’s supporters. Anyone that gets in the way of Trump being President, must be destroyed.

Including all of us, in case you haven’t figured that out yet. You think the media, the establishments, the other candidates, and the pundits are the last ones to be taken on by Trump and his followers?

I have heard over and over again, “If you don’t like Donald Trump, too bad, he’s going to be president, and you can just get out of the country!”. Ladies and gentlemen – I don’t think they are joking. What happens when we refuse to leave, or worse, refuse to support Donald Trump? Tom White believes that Ted Cruz is truly a Serpent of Satan. What do rabid populists do with Serpents of Satan and with their supporters?

See, I take this populist rhetoric seriously and these sorts of comments are just the beginning. Friends, if we let these people have power, it is not out of the realm of possibility that they start killing those who oppose them.

Anyone who has studied history has watched dozens of these populist, nativist, nationalist movements begin, and they know I am not overreacting. In the past, whenever one of these movements began, people died. Often times hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people.

None of this is Donald Trump’s fault. I don’t think he thought he’d win the nomination. I don’t think he knows why anyone is even supporting him and I don’t think he cares. Donald Trump has always been all about the accumulation of wealth and power, and we’re about to hand him the mother lode.

What this has taught me, is that the future liberty movement in America cannot ever again include populists. We forgot the lessons of history and now we are faced with a very real, history-changing dilemma. Some of the more educated amongst the centrists of the Republican Party have been warning us for years about the populists in our midst, and we did not listen to them, because in our mind they were centrists and therefore “establishment” and therefore the enemy, not to be trusted or listened to.

Do you think they are surprised by Donald Trump and his supporters? They are not.

We are.

Lesson learned.

The new freedom movement begins today, but we must be ever vigilant to preserve and protect our movement for greater liberty through constitutionalism, individualism, and capitalism from the populists. We all now know who they are. They are our friends, our allies, and fellow soldiers in the conservative movement that died this year.

I don’t hold any ill-feelings toward them. I don’t hate them. I simply no longer trust them… and I’m afraid of them. And they’ll tell you, if you ask them, that I should be.




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