The Case Against Trump


In the spring of 1980 many voters were still weary from a contested primary in 1976. I had a conversation with a woman yesterday, we’ll call her Mary. Mary said she supported Bush in the primary, because she did not want an ex-Hollywood actor, who also used to be a democrat, to be the nominee. Of course the Hollywood actor went on to be a great president, and the rest is history. I seethe in dubious amazement when I hear people like Mary try to analogize this to the campaign of Donald Trump.

Both of my grandfathers fought for our country in WWII. Now, as one political party is moving to nominate a fascist and the other a socialist, I am thankful that my grandparents are not alive to see it. As Clinton however is winning the nomination process against the socialist, voters in the Republican Party still seem to believe a man with chameleon like principles who quotes Mussolini is a viable candidate.

I share you anger. I was promoting border security with William Gheen at Americans for Legal Immigration before it was a hot button issue. I have actually lived in a border town where Spanish is the spoken tongue.  I ask you, what about a business man, who employs illegal Polish workers to build his towers, who employs foreign labor over local help to work his country clubs, who has thousands of Chinese workers sewing his suits and making his ties; what about this man makes you think he will crack down on illegal foreign labor?

The idea that Donald Trump is the “Anti-Establishment” candidate needs to stop. He has been donating to establishment candidates his entire life. He has donated to nanny-state mayor Bloomberg. He has donated to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. He has donated to Chuck Schumer; and yes, he has donated to Hillary Clinton. He was pro-choice, now he’s “very’’ pro-life. He was anti-gun, now he supports the 2nd amendment. He endorses socialized medicine and has publicly endorsed a progressive tax system that redistributes income. He’s not anti-establishment, he’s anti-conservative.

I ask everyone going forward to examine this man’s background and don’t let anger blind your judgment or cloud your principles. If he is still the man for you, that’s your choice and God bless you. But let’s stop this farcical nonsense that Donald Trump is an outsider in the mold of Reagan. He is more two parts Nixon, one part P.T. Barnum. I would have much more respect for you if you just admitted you want an authoritarian strong man.