Senator Ted Cruz Against The World

The Republican and Democrat media have been attacking Senator Ted Cruz since Cruz began running for The Senate. Republican and Democrat Establishments have made it clear that there is no greater threat to the Washington Way, spewing constant vitriol at Cruz for years. Ted Cruz has stuck to his guns, operating with laser focus on his fight against cronyism, corporatist corruption, bureaucratic and congressional overreach, and debt.

Senator Cruz represents the State of Texas and he opposes oil subsidies and he is wildly popular in his home State. Cruz fought his way through the nastiest attacks imaginable from Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, and Mike Huckabee, while campaigning against Ethanol Subsidies in Iowa. The Governor and the entire ethanol-backed Iowa establishment blasted Ted Cruz and demanded Iowans vote for anybody else. Iowans didn’t listen.

New Hampshire doesn’t think too highly of religious rhetoric or candidates that share their faith while on the campaign trail. Senator Ted Cruz hasn’t walked back the importance of his faith. He’s breaking all the rules, he’s opposed by all those people who, were they to oppose anyone else, would destroy a politicians career, and he’s winning.

As Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign unravels, he has taken to manufacturing controversies between himself and Ted Cruz in order to raise money and stay alive. A Ben Carson Super Pack up and quit Carson and joined Cruz.

Ron Paul, father of the modern liberty movement, has come out and blasted Senator Cruz, while his son Rand loses his top endorsements to Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump has called Ted Cruz every nasty name in the book, including referring to the Senator by a vulgar term for a woman’s genitalia. Yet, no matter how nasty and disgusting Trump and his supporters get, Ted Cruz continues trucking along with an issue-oriented campaign. Even Sarah Palin, a once beloved mirror for the conservative movement has now become an attack dog for the Trump Campaign, bashing Cruz ever chance she gets. Does this get the Senator from Texas down? Nope. He keeps pressing forward, on the issues, ever taking the high road.

I do not believe that any other candidate could take the assault that has been levied against him with as much poise and composure as Ted Cruz, a quality that is utterly presidential. Ted Cruz has the character and commitment to principle that America has been waiting for for thirty years.

As we wait for the results in New Hampshire, a State that will be hard for Cruz to do well in, remember, nothing gets this man down. No obstacle is so daunting that it will slow him down. He’ll continue fighting and he’ll have many more victories going forward.

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