Ted Cruz Will Be the Nominee

Ted Cruz can unite the Republican Party and defeat Hillary Clinton in a General Election, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

Senator Rubio and Governor Kasich have run, in their own ways, surprisingly good campaigns, but neither look likely to win their home states, nor enough delegates to be a threat to front runner Donald Trump. Rubio and Kasich may be gluttons for disappointment and are likely to stay in the race through March 15th, ensuring victories for Trump in Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida. On the night of March 15th, Senator Rubio and Governor Kasich will both drop out of the race and it all comes down to Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. There are too many winner take all states ahead of us for Romney’s anyone-but-Trump strategy to work with four candidates.

Currently, Donald Trump has 462 delegates. If he sweeps the March 15th primaries, he’ll have 829 delegates, just 408 delegates away from the 1237 he needs to win the nomination outright. However, with Kasich and Rubio likely out of the race, Cruz has a very real chance to win the vast majority of the remaining States, including New York and California. There are over 300 delegates available on June 7th and this primary season will likely be decided then and there.

This election will come down to a contest between populism and constitutionalism. No one can better defend the virtues, principles, and importance of a Constitutional Republic better than Ted Cruz. I believe we will see a rapid acceptance of Cruz as the anti-Trump candidate, but this will simply serve as an opportunity for Senator Cruz to make his case to the American People for a more responsible and constitutional government. This is a message, I believe, the American people will want to hear.

The current state of the Republican Party is this – Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz, two men who are viewed as anti-establishment, represent to Republican voters two very different and distinct alternatives to business as usual. Donald Trump seems to have taken on the progressive populism of Republican legend Theodore Roosevelt, while Ted Cruz is heir to the Reagan legacy. The question as to the future direction of the Republican Party is without consensus. We will see which direction the conservative base decides to go.

Like Senator Cruz, I hope that this does not come down to a brokered and bloody convention. A brokered convention could destroy whatever faith the conservative base has left in the Republican Party as a whole. Who knows how wounded the candidates and the party would be coming out of such a difficult spectacle?

On March 16th, Donald Trump will call for the Republican Party to rally around his candidacy – and with such an imposing lead, who could possibly blame him?

On March 16th, Senator Cruz will call for the Republican Party to rally around his candidacy, as the only candidate capable of defeating Donald Trump and the one most likely to defeat Hillary Clinton (which is, of course, of paramount concern).

I will not be surprised by any outcome. If this campaign has taught us anything, it has been that we ought not make predictions, nor trust that tomorrow will have anything to do with today. It is already clear to me, however, that this is a two man race and that all Republicans (and many of our Democrat friends who’ve been voting in our open primaries) have an opportunity to decide the direction of the Republican Party for the next decade. I believe that the Senator will reach 1237 first, that he’ll unite the party, and that he will be the next President of the United States of America, because I still have faith in the American People and in republican voters to make an informed and measured decision regarding their future.

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  • HeyJudeOregon

    RUBIO & KASICH ARE BOTH SELFISH PIGS STAYING IT GIVING TRUMP OHIO & FLORIDA! Voters will never forget what these 2 have done because they have big egos and are hurting the GOP!

    • Judy, while I believe it’s reasonable for them to want to make it to their home states, if they don’t look like they can win, they should bow out, but it looks like they’ll suffer the defeats. It’s ok though, because Cruz can sweep the rest of the States if Kasich and Rubio drop out after the 15th.

      • Not Falling For It

        I agree, and I sure as hell hope so, but someone HAS to get to these egomaniacs and DEMAND that they get out, now, so that Cruz at least has a chance of winning more delegates before the end run begins. I just can’t believe how delusional Rubio sounds when he speaks right now, as though he actually has a chance of victory in Florida. And he, currently anyway, plans to continue afterward, which is bewildering! If they REALLY want what’s best for the country, they’ll leave the race now and back Ted Cruz immediately, and encourage their supporters to do the same. Thanks for the article. It gives me a small ray of hope 🙂

        • Chances are Rubio and Kasich born lose their home States, after which they’ll have to drop out. If they don’t, well, I just can’t imagine that. Who would be finding them and why?

          • Not Falling For It

            True. Their money will dry up faster than the Mohave desert after a light spring zephyr.

          • And Rubio’s donors already want him out. If he doesn’t win Florida it’s over. The only way Cruz doesn’t win, is if Kasich and Rubio stay in the race in order to strengthen Trump.

          • rosiet

            So, who is funding Kasich’s campaign?

        • rosiet

          And, unfortunately, we continue to have one delusional fool left! I am so tired of him saying the convention will be ‘fun!’ . . and then, he snickers. Has he NO CLUE that he is impeding the election process for the one candidate that can beat Trump? He is absolutely crazy to think he will be offered up as the nominee in the end . . . WT . . . ? He wants to wear the nomination mantle. It just boils me to think about it; I try really hard to pretend he doesn’t even exist. BTW, can someone tell me who has been funding that campaign that barely has won one state — thanks to Rubio throwing his votes to him?

    • MR

      I live in Ohio, Kasich needs to find another state. A liberal one. He’ll never have my vote.

      • Lori Jordan

        I to live in OHIO and I agree with you 100%

        • Are either of you seeing majority support for Kasich in Ohio, or do you believe Trump will win by 5 or so pts?

          • Lori Jordan

            It seam to me that everyone has for gotten Ted Cruz in all this, I believe that Ted has just as much chance to win in Florida, Ohio as anyone else I believe so much with my heart I also believe in Jesus Christ and if this to be then he will take it from here because I believe pray everyone tonight with everything in your heart and soul and pray this prayer.
            We the American people declare in the name of Jesus Christ victory for Ted Cruz in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

          • rosiet

            I do wish Rubio would have dropped out and let Cruz go head to head with Trump in FL. But, his ego and bravado wouldn’t let him. I understand he wanted to show in his home state, but the writing was on the wall before the election. I believe Cruz would have had a real chance of beating Trump in FL when you see how the vote split.

      • rosiet

        I would vote for Trump over Kasich — hypothetically speaking. Because, I ain’t voting for Trump either. And, I really hope it does not come down to that being the option.

      • rosiet

        I don’t know about his record, but I do know that he thinks he earned that win. He only win, I gather, because Rubio threw him all of his votes to stop Trump.

  • TBorNot

    It’s the only way to stop from being a Bernie Communist.

    • It’s going to be one hell of a battle, but I suggest that the Senator and Mr. Trump should keep it clean going forward. Sell their positive message, no more ugly attacks.

      • MR

        The Media has framed Ted that way. He has not been the ugly one

      • Not Falling For It

        I agree with MR’s comment. Trump calls Cruz a liar, which itself is a lie, but Trump’s followers, the Republican Party’s version of the low information voter (I’ve been saying this LONG before Ted Cruz said it today) blindly believe EVERY word that comes out of his mouth.

        • Thankfully, Trump supporters only make up about 35% of the country and a quarter of them are Democrats. Trump will be ready to defeat when Rubio and Kasich drop out.

          • rosiet

            praying and crossing fingers . . . and clicking my heels together, have I missed anything???

      • rosiet

        Please tell that to Trump . . . . . He likes to deflect with lies and insults because he has no substance to refer to.