Ted Cruz Now or Trump in November: By James Hull

It is time for principled Republicans to face the realities of politics and mathematics.

Republicans have had to “hold our nose” and vote for less-than-worthy candidates for the past two presidential elections.  In each November we had no other choice and each time we watched spineless McCain and Romney go down in flames against Obama.  The country has suffered because of it.

No Democrat candidate will win this election.  America sees Hillary as the thoroughly corrupt liar that she is and Bernie as the Socialist that he openly claims to be.  Other Democrats have floated the notion of running, notably Biden and Bloomberg, but they are out of time to generate broad-based support.  Thus, whatever Republican wins the primary process ending in July will become the next President in November.  That is the political reality.

Donald Trump is the Republican front runner and has been polling at about 36% for over six months.  Trump is mostly riding the wave of citizen hatred for “politics as usual” instead of the desire and belief that he really will Make America Great Again, as is his motto.  Thus, Trump-ers and Trump-ettes really aren’t concerned about election issues as much as teaching a lesson to the political and media “establishment.”  That is very short-sighted.

Supporters for all other Republican candidates generally intend their vote to advance some issue-based objective.  Ted Cruz, focused on restoring the constitutional republic, is nipping on The Donald’s heels but the huge pack of other candidates consistently leave him 10% or more behind.  This won’t change unless the electorate coalesces behind one issue-focused leader.  Thus, Trump the populist salesman -who has an extensive history of supporting liberal Democrat policies- will win the primary process and become the next President. That is the mathematical reality.

That is a sobering thought: Republicans win the November election but we still watch America fundamentally transform.  No thank you.

Many of us principled voters may have to make a choice:  we either “hold our nose” during the Republican primary process or we do the same in November.  We either collaboratively support a single, viable, principles-based candidate now or we again half-heartedly support a candidate foisted upon us in November.

Thus, the choice is clear:  support Ted Cruz now or get Trump in November.  That is the political and the mathematical reality.

Jim Hull
King George, Virginia

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