Donald Trump: The Undisputed Republican Nominee

July 22, 2016 0

Donald Trump’s Convention Speech was everything I expected it to be. Mr. Trump and his family reached out to Democrats on women’s issues, gay rights, the protection of unions, all while avoiding social-conservative hot button issues like abortion. He reached out to Delve In

#NeverTrump Take Warning

July 14, 2016 0

While I have nothing but respect for many of the conservatives in the #NeverTrump movement – and while I completely understand their strong opposition to Donald Trump’s nomination – the #NeverTrump movement threatens to destroy the Republican Party for generations to come. Delve In

Cuccinelli’s Reforms Hit the Mark

July 13, 2016 0

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is looking for sponsorship for an outstanding proposal to the RNC Rules Committee aimed at decentralizing power away from the RNC Chairman. While his proposal is unlikely to find support amongst the majority of pro-establishment members Delve In

GOP: Unity & The Echo Chambers

April 1, 2016 4

You can’t argue for unity and a big tent at the same time. What does unity mean in the context of the Republican Party? If unity means that we’re all supposed to agree with one another, locked arm in arm, singing Kumbaya, Delve In

How I Came To “Support The Nominee”

March 2, 2016 4

Many of you across Virginia know me. You know that I am as anti-establishment as they come. You know that I have a libertarian background. If you’ve followed Virginia Right since the Dave Brat v. Eric Cantor campaign, you’ve seen me become Delve In

Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina Should Be in Main GOP Debate

January 13, 2016 1

I believe in the importance of objective criteria in life and in business. However, the criteria used to determine who is invited to participate at a Republican Presidential Debate should not distinguish between the most minuscule details, nor split hairs. Excluding Carly Delve In

Let’s Dump The Pledge and Move On

December 31, 2015 6

Political intrigue used to interest me. Now, it just gives me a slight migraine and the desire to listen to Schubert. The RPV has opened itself up to attack over a wildly unpopular “loyalty pledge” or “statement of affiliation” and Russ Moulton, Delve In