Stop The Violence: Community Action in Caroline County

During Public Comments at the Board of Supervisors Tuesday evening, Gary Taylor announced that there will be a Second Annual Stop the Violence event on April 30th, at the Community Center on 301 south of Bowling Green. I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Taylor regarding this event and feel that it is certainly worth sharing with as many Caroline Residents as possible.

Mr. Taylor, in response to what he felt was an excessive amount of teen violence around the county in 2014, organized a Stop the Violence event in 2015, bringing community leaders such as Sheriff Tony Lippa, then-chairman Calvin Taylor, and our previous Commonwealth Attorney Tony Spencer together with parents and teens.

Mr. Taylor put together a group of volunteers providing food, music, a small business corner, horses, fire trucks, and a basketball tournament making it a real community event. However, in 2016 Stop the Violence is to be more streamlined and focused. It will begin with a conversation with community leaders (members of the board of education and the board of supervisors have been invited to attend the event on April 30th). This will be an opportunity for parents to voice their concerns and to let our community leaders know what they have seen with their own eyes in the county. While teen violence appears to be down, it will be parents and community leaders working closely with law enforcement to ensure a secure Caroline County.

One of the most exciting aspects of this years event will be a career fair with young professions from Caroline County. Caroline teens can meet with and talk to past high school graduates who now have exciting careers in fashion, graphic design, computer engineering, and law. Reminding our teens that there is a big world out there, ready to be conquered, if your willing to do the work is a great message to send.

Mr. Taylor will be making an official presentation to the Board of Supervisors on April 12th, so if this is an issue that interests you, I would encourage you to attend.

For more information, there is an event bright STOP THE VIOLENCE page.

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