Steve Phillips and the TEA Party of The Left?

Democrats are still reeling from Trump’s victory. This is technically a national issue; however, Democrats in Caroline County have been coming together, recently, for a positive purpose and agenda. Meanwhile, national Democrats are looking to divide and conquer. Writing for the New York Times, radical leftist Steve Phillips implores the Democrats to move further left and to wage a kind of political war against the White Majority.

While Phillips admits that “all white voters matter. But Democrats must make tough, data-driven decisions about how to prioritize their work”, and he encourages Democrats to further alienate white’s, who bare most of our nation’s poverty and who are principally responsible for Donald Trump’s 2016 victory.

Mr. Phillips worries that “progressive whites are defecting because they are uninspired by Democrats”; as if that explains why so many African Americans and Hispanics stayed home last November. Radicalism, Marxism, Socialism, and Liberalism aren’t the path forward for Democrats.

Segregation of Media has made it possible for Democrats to become blind to a frantic civil war within the Republican Party. The average Republican is looking for “good government”. This is typically defined as efficient, efficacious, and effective government. Sure, there are plenty of Republicans like myself, motivated by Constitutional, Libertarian, and Conservative agendas. We’ll never vote Democrat. We watched the “progressives” and “liberals” ignore the slaughter of Jews in Germany and the segregation of Blacks in America; and we watched as KKK enthusiast Margaret Higgins Sanger embraced an abortive national policy of black babies in America and were horrified. Yet, those who survived, seem to prefer the same party that sought their extermination. Weird.

Democrats get 95% of the black vote, while sending a majority of “black jobs” overseas and importing foreigners to do their jobs for half the cost.

For years, the Republican TEA Party has been viewed as a bunch of angry WHITE PEOPLE. Now, with a progressive, New York liberal like Donald Trump in office, these angry white people are falling in line behind the Democrat Party, pushing the liberals further left. The Democrat Party, who introduced abortion to the mainstream in order to rid America of Black Babies, is now frustrated by the Black minority, and suspects that their electoral future will be secured by a Hispanic, Catholic majority.

While African Americans vote Democrat, selling their future jobs and security to wave after wave of illegal immigrant who will eventually comprise the heart and soul of the new American Left; Muslim Americans seek to disenfranchise “Black Baptists” of their place in Democratic Politics by electing radical Black Islamist Keith Ellison as head of the DNC.

African American Christians face one of the largest threats to their security and influence in the Democrat Party since the days of the DNC’s KKK.

Yet, Republicans still refuse to reach out to African Americans. As if Republicans read the same distorted history books as the Progressives. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican and applied for concealed weapons permit. As a Republican, I remember MLK Jr as one of us; but that is not how he is used in the history books. He’s still treated as a slave of Southern Democrats.

Meanwhile, Republicans are used as slaves to both the monopolistic military and corporate interests in America. We’re supposed to remain silent as our homes, our property, and our heritage are destroyed on behalf of “economic interests”.

I honestly believe that Black Democrats and White Republicans need to come together to protect themselves from a government that has been dividing and conquering them for decades; because at this point…what we’re doing, is choosing to blame one another along ethnic lines for problems caused by the very politicians trying to turn us against one another.

I pray this never happens in Caroline County. I pray that we stick up for ourselves, our friends, and our neighbors; and will never view each other in terms of our color and ethnicity, or our religion. Donald Trump isn’t the problem. Our ethnic hatreds are. There is no political party in America offering us a way out of this.

I’ll always be a Republican. We fought slavery. We fought against Jim Crow. We fought against the Military Industrial Complex. We fought against debt as a substitute for taxes. Yet, what we did will never excuse us for what we are. Period. End of Story.

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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.