Sheriff Wade Heats Up in the 4th: By Anita Hile

I’ve thought long and hard whether to share this information, how to share it diplomatically, whether to guard some information or frame it in such a way that wouldn’t be as harsh as the actual occurrence, but have decided that the truth always wins out, no matter how difficult it may be to hear, or what “wars” might be started in that sharing.

First though, a little background. I consider myself a reasonable person, not given to personal attacks of others, innuendos or bomb throwing on social media just to see what’s left after the dust settles. I try to respond to those type of tactics with factual information and links where folks can educate themselves. My husband Mark and I try to work with all people, seeing them as God’s creation first, and then look at their principles and character. I don’t just take others opinions as fact but research, talk to that person myself, build a relationship with them, etc. I’ve found more folks in all our political circles mutually pledged to attending to and keeping our Republic than originally anticipated. We like to treat others as we would want to be treated. That’s who we are and how we try to live our lives. As a testament of this, we recently won election to become National Delegates in our District with very strong voting numbers, which means we received votes from multiple factions of the Party. To those reading this that supported us, we thank you and hope to represent you well.

Mark and I like to help candidates during their Primary races in whatever way we can, whether it’s knocking doors, phone banking, passing out literature at events, rallying others to do the same, etc. We don’t just support any ol’ candidate, but candidates that are the real deal, meaning pillars, who will truly represent the people – their constituents. We don’t haphazardly do this, but research the candidate, spend time with them, look at their vision and how they plan to achieve it, their viability and see them in action. That being said, I will relate an incident that happened one night this week at an event with a candidate we strongly support, and my encounter with her opponent.

While helping Jackee Gonzalez, who is running for US Congress in the 4th District in the June 14th Primary, we attended the Grand Opening of the beautiful new Varina Library, helping pass out literature and talking to potential voters. It was a great event, with hundreds attending this milestone in our Counties history. While there we ran into Jackee’s opponent and our County Sheriff Mike Wade, who we have known for a few years and who knows us. We are all members of our local GOP unit. We had anticipated this potential confrontation, and in my head thought, “If he asks me why I’m supporting Jackee over him, I will be up front and honest.” With that in mind, I decided to be proactive, cut to the chase and let him know outright.

Approaching Mike with my large, red JACKEE sticker on, I said, “I thought I’d let you know for the sake of transparency why we are supporting Jackee over you.” He then said, “You people don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground!” Taken aback a bit I said, “Excuse me?” He continued in this defensive posture and slight sneer on his lips saying, “She’s won’t win.” Responding I said, “She’s a Constitutional Conservative, the kind of candidate we support, and I believe a better candidate to go up against McEachin.” “You people know nothing about politics and just keep picking people who lose. I’ve got all my black Deputies voting for me”, said our very “Statesman-like” Sheriff.  A bit confused by his last statement I finally said, “You’ve been a good Sheriff and I’d like to keep you in that position. I had hoped to have a civil dialog but I guess that’s not the case” and walked away.

Pondering and mulling repeatedly over this conversation, I have come to a few conclusions.

I agree with Sheriff Wade in that we don’t know about the politics he has participated and been a part of for several decades; you know, the “old guard” way of thinking and the tactics they employ. Those are the tactics of the Power Brokers and Consultant class, who count and prey on the apathy of the people. They believe they know better, and are disgusted that people like me and other grassroots activists have invaded their livelihood and political way of life.

Our strategy is simple, and the tactics we employ old school, very old school. We prefer to engage, educate and activate the people as to their civic authority, which is that government is run BY the people, a bottom up mentality rather than top down approach as our Founders originally envisioned. Call me crazy, but it seems to be working.

As far as picking losers, we win some (epic win in 2014 with Gruber and Brat) and we lose some, that’s the nature of campaigns and competition. Putting this out there as well, we supported Sheriff Wade in his November 2015 bid for re-election. At this point, I’m not sure what category that falls in.

For the life of me I don’t know why he had to differentiate what race his Deputies are, and honestly, there are a whole lot more people in the 4th District than just his 4th District Henrico Deputies. I guess we’ll find out on Election Day.

And finally, the difference between a hole in the ground and an ass….well, I’m going to leave that right here.


***FOLLOW UP*** I wrote this article earlier yesterday and had it ready to go to print. That evening I attended our GOP meeting and Sheriff Wade made it a point to seek me out and apologize for being angry. We had a much lengthier conversation, and during it I disputed and sought out truth regarding a statement he had made about Jackee “threatening him”. After much digging, some truth finally came out which was obviously not true, but had done its damage as it was said to the entire membership during his stump speech. While his anger had abated, he still was fairly incredulous as to how we could support a community organizer, “like Obama” who had no experience like the experience he had. Remember, Mark and I do our due diligence when it comes to who we support, and character and principles matter a lot to us. And with that thought in mind, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions and do your own research.

For more info on Jackee Gonzalez, go to her website at

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  • Waverly Woods

    Anita you are a class act and true lady! I have drawn my conclusions and found Mike Wade to be wanting.

    Note to Mike Wade, the Devil always gets his dues.