Republicans Rush “Proffer Reform” Bill Through House of Delegates to Stave Off Constituent Concern

As calls poured into Richmond in opposition to the “Proffer Reform” bill, the House of Delegates moved with great haste to force a vote and pass the bill before constituents could convince their delegates to vote against it. I had heard from at least two delegates, just last night, that this bill was not coming up for a vote any time soon. By lunch time today, it was amended and passed 68-27.

The fact is that our representatives had no intention of listening to their constituents. Months and years from now, after Developers have taken enough localities to court, and everyone’s taxes have gone up, our representatives will plead ignorance, say they didn’t have time to read the bill, but the damage will have already been done.

Score one for the developers and their special interests.

I understand their reasons and I understand there are plenty of corrupt Board of Supervisors, but our local government is the government over which we have the most authority and influence. We just lost much of that power over to the courts. We know for a fact that the Developers and Builders have been throwing piles of money at the House of Delegates and this certainly goes to show what money can buy. It also demonstrates that our Republican Legislature has learned how to stave off their constituents whenever their constituents disagree. Rush the bill through and ram it down their throats.

I truly wish that our Republican legislators would develop a greater appreciation for local government, for division of government, and abandon the idea that it’s their job to step in every time a handful of localities misbehave. Let the residents of those counties hold their corrupt supervisors accountable. Don’t step in and relieve them of the responsibility. Also, the fact that so many constituents were upset and that our public officials received so much attention, isn’t a good reason to rush the legislation through. That is desperate and it disenfranchises your constituents right to address their representatives.

This whole affair is disappointing and I pray that it is not an indication of how the Republicans intend to proceed in the future.

That’s all I have to say about that…..

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