Rand Paul People Hate Ted Cruz – Ted Cruz People Like Rand Paul – Go Figure

I’m one of hundreds of activists that jumped from Rand Paul to Ted Cruz early on and the Rand Paul people have got to stop blaming us for his polling data. I wrote an article at Virginia Right on July 24th, which, I suppose, was a prelude to where I am today.

Every morning I wake up with the desire to write one article: I Endorse Rand Paul for President. Every morning I want to pull that trigger. Rand Paul is the closest thing this country has ever had to a Constitutional Libertarian. I am a Constitutional Libertarian.

Every morning, I’m stopped from writing that article, because of Ted Cruz. I don’t agree with Cruz as often as I agree with Rand Paul. Though I find them both far more important to the national debate and to the value of the Republican Party than I do folks like Donald Trump – the Johnny Come Lately.

I want you to watch Ted Cruz’s Speech on the floor of the United States Senate.

I’m not withdrawing my support from Rand Paul. I am merely saying this: that I want a man like this to be President of the United States. I feel the way I felt when I watched Rand Paul filibuster the NSA. I’m saying that I have a decision to make. I think we all do. These are two great men who have been fighting tooth and nail against the Republican Establishment, despite all the hate and lies and media stories issued against them. They haven’t compromised. They represent you and I every day in a parliament devoid of any consideration of our lives and liberty. Both these men deserve our support, but only one of them can win.

I think it is a shame that all we can talk about is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, though I fully understand the reasons for both.

Listen and watch this speech. This is leadership. This is greatness. This is something we desperately need in Congress.

This is when I began to think that Ted Cruz, not Rand Paul, had the gumption necessary to win.

Then Cruz began to build his staff, his campaign, his strategy – and it was air tight. It was hard to jump from one Constitutionalist to another, but there it was. Ted Cruz went after Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul endorsed him. How could anyone opposed to the Senate Republican Leadership back Rand Paul after that? We couldn’t.

Rand Paul didn’t fight for us that day, but Ted Cruz did.

So, while my Rand Paul friends attack Senator Ted Cruz’s citizenship, jumping on board the Donald Trump, authoritarian train, I have to wonder whether or not they are serious, or if they are just Rand Paul or bust.

I love Senator Rand Paul, but his campaign has been flawed from the beginning. Many of us have jumped ship to Ted Cruz because we want a Constitutionalist that can actually win. If you want to back the Ann Coulter and Donald Trump narrative that Ted Cruz isn’t an American, then fine, but you are wrong, you are ignorant, and you will not be a part of this victory. Also, you aren’t helping Rand Paul. It is shocking that so many Rand Paul people could be drawn into the Donald Trump Camp, thinking they are supporting Rand, when in fact all they are doing is helping Trump.

I’ve always felt that the Ron Paul and Rand Paul people were with us, win at all costs, get one of our people into the White House, but apparently, it’s either Rand or Trump or Sanders. How can you trust people that cannot tell the difference between Rand Paul, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders – and Ted Cruz?

How are these people to be taken seriously?

When Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Rand Paul supporters all end up fighting on the same front, I start questioning what the hell is going on. Senators Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz have been on the same team for years, fighting the same people, standing up for the same things, and now all of a sudden, Rand Paul is great and Ted Cruz is evil? When did that happen? How can that even be believed? Unless the Rand Paul people have gone scorched earth like Donald Trump?

And with so many Rand Paul supporters considering Bernie Sanders as their second choice, how can any Constitutionalists or Libertarians trust Rand Paul? If so many Rand Paul supporters cannot tell the difference between Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders then no real constitutionalist is going to jump into that movement.

So stop blaming Ted Cruz. For the love of God, Cruz people aren’t debating whether or not to vote for Cruz or Clinton – or Cruz or Sanders. Ted Cruz people, unlike the Donald Trump people aren’t trying to decide whether to vote for Cruz or a third party. Ted Cruz is making the arguments and fighting the fights and creating the presidential organization, while Rand Paul people talk about voting for a Communist like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump people talk about Trump running 3rd Party.

I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. Rand Paul people and Trump people are attacking Cruz and saying that if Cruz wins, then they’ll back everything Republicans, Libertarians, and Constitutionalists are against. That sounds just a little bit crazy to me and to most Americans. So, I’m not following. I was with you and now I’m confused about you. Are you Libertarian? Are you Marxists? Are you Corporatists? What the heck is going on?



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  • Lisa Barry

    I completely agree! I liked Senator Paul until he made that fateful decision to back McConnell. That whole episode had a feeling of go-along-to-get-ahead! Senator Cruz is my senator and I vetted him carefully when he ran for that seat, and I can tell you that he has done everything I asked him to do when I sent him to Washington, often at the risk of his own career! He is a man of true integrity and character and he is not afraid of the battle! If Senator Paul really cares about this country, he has a chance to show it now by getting out of this race, throwing his support behind Ted, and going home to protect his senate seat because we will need him there to help Ted right this ship! Now is not the time to promote self, but to fight TOGETHER for AMERICA! Ted Cruz is the man for this time!

    • PoqVaUSA

      Lisa Barry: Huckabee should do the same thing also. Huckabee would do well as president (as would Rand Paul), but Cruz would do better. Huckabee can best serve this country and accomplish the reform that he’s looking for by directing his supporters to support Ted Cruz. I would love to see Paul continue to serve in the Senate, and (former Gov., not currently in office) Huckabee to serve in a cabinet position.

    • Brett

      Ted Cruz voted for McConnell for majority leader.

  • Caroline Brown

    I blame no one but the media and maybe even Rand a little bit for not being able to connect to his audience a bit better; for his polling numbers. (if the polls are to be trusted to be accurate that is) He comes across very serious and intellectual. My son has this very same issue. I can appreciate this as studies have shown that usually intellectuals have more of a weakness in showing emotional presentation skills. He is very smart and reflective in his actions, He has a great message and a great vision for our country. Get over the McConnell stuff will you, everyone voted for him including Cruz. If Cruz was so against him he should have voted “nay” when he had a chance. Rand and McConnell have to work together it is their job, and Rand and him have also been at odds with many things. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/11/19/rand-paul-forces-mitch-mcconnell-pull-bill-off-senate-floor-refugee-housing-will-not-back/

  • Julian B Duron

    People? Define what People or receivers various States where PORK added to or funds denied to Senate BILLS for a VOTE? Washington Cartel members dislike Cruz. It is True! Since Cruz “called out” the Washington Cartel as Long Term Elected Millionaire Dem’s and GOP Voting together to enrich only themselves President to President. Yes, that would upset PEOPLE (elected) causing TRAITORS to hate Cruz alright!

  • Rudy

    If you think Ted Cruz can win a general election then you are dead wrong. Rand Paul is the only one who can bring this nation together with democrats, independents, libertarians, and conservatives. Ted is a two faced snake and I speak for many others when I say I do not trust him and will never vote for him ever. You also say your final straw was when Rand endorsed McConnell but who was he suppose to endorse? Matt Bevin didn’t even enter the race until months after Rand endorsed. Nobody talks about how Ted endorsed John Cornyn. Another Neocon RINO. Why does he get a pass?

  • Jeff Phillips

    By Natural Born Citizen, I don’t think the founders meant someone who has dual citizenship, nor someone who supports the North American Union agenda. i don’t like the idea of nominating a republican who, with Hillary Clinton, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. I don’t think the idea of being married to a Goldman Sachs executive would make a person really desire to fight the crony corruption of the federal reserve and its affiliated banking cartels.. The problem I have with Ted Cruz supporters is that they really just don’t have a clue what’s going on. They hear speeches on camera, but they don’t see the agendas in shadows.

  • Eric Landis

    I agree with what you’re saying in general, but who are the Rand Paul people supporting Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump? I don’t know that that is really going on in large numbers so I think you’re being a little misleading by suggesting that all (or a large number) of Rand Paul Supporters are looking to vote for Sanders or Trump.
    I think most Paul supporters get annoyed with Cruz supporters b/c of the extremely lame argument, “I cannot support Paul because he endorsed McConnell.” I’m sorry, but that’s a pathetic argument. Actually, when I hear people say that, I question whether or not I should take that person seriously. But all other things aside I do agree with you. I’m a Rand Paul Supporter, but not a Ted Cruz hater. Actually, I think Ted has done a great job advancing Libertarian ideas in the debates and on the campaign trail…Probably better than Rand if I’m being honest.

  • Damon

    This is a ridiculous article. I am a Rand Paul supporter. I, and most of my fellow Rand supporters like Ted Cruz, and will support him if he is the nominee ( I will NOT support Donald Trump, by the way). Not sure where on earth you are getting your data.

    As for Rand supporting Mitch McConell, do you have any idea how many times I have groaned when Ted has supported my other senator (Im from Texas), John Cornyn? Cornyn is every bit as bad as McConell, but Ted keeps supporting him, and even endorsed him!

    • I’ve seen many Paul supporters jump to Trump. Help explain that to me.

      • Damon

        Anger and sour grapes. Most Rand supporters, Rand Pacs, and groups that endorsed Rand, have now jumped behind Cruz. Including me.

  • I Borrowed Jose Baez Hat

    I’ve been a big supporter of Rand Paul all along, but the compromises have really bothered me. Whether it’s buddying up with McConnell, or stating he would endorse Trump if he were the nominee, he has shown a willingness to go along to get along. I do think he’s a principled man, but a pragmatist to a fault. Cruz is an idealist. He will hold to his beliefs to the bitter end. We need that kind of tenacity right now.

  • Joey Cardenzana


    • Joey, I’ve always been a big supporter of Senators Paul, Lee, and Cruz. Cruz has run a smart campaign and is putting together a great coalition. Rand, from the start, put together a terrible campaign staff, which signaled to me that he wasn’t really in this to win it. Cruz is. I want a liberty candidate to win, not just run. If Rand runs again in the future and if he puts together a serious campaign, I’ll volunteer for him.