Race Relations in Caroline County

The whole world seems to suffer from an excess of poor racial, religious, and political relations. We are plagued by the hateful, the resentful, and the mischievous. They push their propaganda, their skewed and sour ideology, and their false testimonies into the veins of our culture and civilization. When you mention race – we think of our political parties.

What a tremendous error.

From Hillary Clinton’s admiration of the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger who once declared that “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population”, when that is exactly what Sanger wanted. Or Hillary Clinton’s declaration in regards to the former Klan leader and late US Senator from West Virginia (whom just about everything in WV is named), Robert Byrd, “Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd”.

Democrats in this country have retained their ties to the racists that founded the KKK, enforced the Jim Crow laws, and who – still today – segregate black families into federal dependence.

In Virginia, Republicans have their problems too. There are Republicans who idealize Robert E. Lee, who didn’t support going to war with The Union, but whom would have gladly given his life for his Country, Virginia. They treat him as if he were the hallmark of Southern pride – a man who wanted to war against the United States. They remember him for the Union blood he shed, not for his wise council not to secede from the Union.  His family owned slaves – but Lee was a patriot. Back then, your “state” was your “country”, and Lee was a citizen of Virginia. If Virginia went to war, he would defend his countrymen. Yet still, they follow men like Corey Stewart and Steve Bannon.

We wonder why there is this debate – finally – to remove the statues of Democratic Southern Heroes who fought the Republicans and the abolitionists.

Many “republicans” believe it is because Democrats are trying to erase the plague they forced upon dark-skinned Americans, as they denied their rights and refused protection under the ideal of “all men are created equal.”

That is not the case.

While I believe that the Democrat Party is responsible for enslaving African Americans and Hispanics to the Welfare State, the fact remains that our nation’s minorities experience this country differently than Whites.

The police aren’t afraid of folks who’s kin derived their ancestry by way of Ireland, England, Germany, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, France, Italy, and Spain.

They fear those that they’ve locked in poverty.

I fully admit that I believe that the Democrat Party is responsible for poverty and for the unraveling of families in our urban and rural areas. If that offends you, I am sorry – but believe me, what I desire for us all is liberty, equality, and an objective rule of law.

In Caroline County – forget the rest of the State and the rest of the nation – we have an opportunity to treat each other as friends and neighbors. This means that we do not turn a blind eye to poverty, to violence, to drug (opiod) and alcohol addiction, or to systemic economic inequalities such as the inability to access the internet, to live within walking distance of a library, or to afford tutors for their children.

There are gangs in Caroline County and there is violence. Most of us on the West End will never see or experience it. The State Police control our roads and ensure that no one goes over the speed limit. How many roads in our county never see a member of the State Police? And why is that?

We are rural. Gunshots go unreported. There are citizens of our county that do not have running water. There are children that don’t eat every day.

Words like “democrat” and “republican” mean very little here. Words like “charity”, “volunteer”, “friends”, and “neighbors” seem to mean quite a bit.

There is no room in a rural county like Caroline for racism, resentment, bigotry, or violence. Virginia counties are controlled by something called “The Dillon Rule“. Our Board of Supervisors and our School Board obey mandatory laws passed down to them from our State Government. They try to solve problems around that structure.

There are only so many taxes they can raise and so many taxes they can cut or impose. According to State Law – Developers can sue our Board of Supervisors and our County if we ask them to pay more than they believe is reasonable for increased costs to our local fire, police, and school departments.

Picture this with me for a moment. Imagine that we lost contact with Richmond and Washington D.C. for a period of months. Imagine that no one gave us anything…for months or for a year. How would we survive? There would be no money coming in.

We would survive because we are friends and neighbors – without race, without ethnicity, without religion, and without political parties. We survive if and only if we love each other as we love ourselves. We survive if and only if we respect our neighbors as if they were our own family.

We have watched in horror what took place in Charlottesville and Barcelona. You know how we make sure that doesn’t happen here?

We love each other. We listen to our priests, our pastors, and our religious leaders. We love our neighbors. We love our friends. We love each other.

Then, we find peace and joy and community – knowing that our future doesn’t depend upon near-by capitals…but upon each other.  It’s the only thing upon which we can depend.


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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.