Primaries and Pestilence: The Ascendancy of Donald Trump

There was ever going to be only one.

For those who pour their heart and soul into their civic duty, into their participation within the body politic; we wear our hearts on our sweat-stained sleeves. We live and die with the candidate whom we believe best represent our philosophy, our values, our priorities, and our vision for America. Primary season is as divisive as it gets within our established political parties, as we try to gain power and representation for our faction, convince other factions to support us, build consensus, build coalitions, and establish a path to the presidency.

The net effect of this turbulence and turmoil is an awful lot of hard feelings, frustration, and spiteful anger directed toward those with whom we’ve been forced to fight by necessity. There can only be one nominee and everything is at stake. It would be ridiculous to expect less or to hope for more.

The nomination of a nominee is no small matter and the consequences often change the fate of nations. The nominations of McCain and Romney proved disastrous to The United States, allowing an authoritarian community organizer to settle down for a long, long eight years as President of our beloved country, destroying the very fabric of our social contract and undermining our national and individual sovereignty.

For generations, with brief respites, the Republican Party has been a party without a philosophy; an opposition party, favorable to big business, to agriculture, to the States, and to the military. Today, our party’s lack of principles and philosophy has opened a Pandora’s Box of populism and chaos.

Witness the ascendancy of Donald Trump.

When a society perceives that its’ values have failed them, they become angry. When their anger fails to produce positive results (as anger rarely ever does), they abandon their values all together, embracing various forms of societal nihilism (the belief in nothing… or, let’s be frank, the belief in anything).

As the Judeo-Christian ethic dies from wave after wave, generation after generation of attacks, the American people, like the German’s before them, are looking now well beyond principles and philosophies, toward leaders. In the absence of principle, when all philosophies seem to have failed, the people look for leaders with a propensity for force, for success, and for power, to mend their sightless insecurities and to save them from the chaos they created – or merely to burn the old world to the ground (and all of them with it). It’s a form of suicide, sure; but a hopeful suicide, wherein a civilization decides that while it is no longer fit to survive, there is a hope that from the ruins of a society thoroughly burnt to the ground, something new and better will rise from the ashes and decay. Something great. Something “yuge”.

Donald Trump is America’s Declaration of Surrender – “we hold no truths to be self-evident. If Obama is our present, then we no longer desire a future. Trump is rich. Let Trump decide what becomes of us. For good or ill, we don’t care, because we no longer place faith in this civilization we created, we no longer place faith in our religion, our heritage, or in ourselves. Give it all to Trump. He’ll either fix it or destroy it, but at least it’ll be decisive”.

This brings us back to the Republican Party, a party that (and let’s be honest) created the conditions from which this reckless nihilism was born – and to those of us who have dedicated our time and energy to advancing our cause, our principle, and our philosophy within the Party itself.

Do we allow the Party to be destroyed, as we’re too wrapped up in our own fractured division, or do we rally behind one and only one candidate in opposition to Donald Trump and everything Donald Trump means for America?

Populism is a disease. It will destroy any party it gets a hold of. That’s what the Trump people are hoping for. “BURN IT TO THE GROUND”, they say. So we have a choice. Let the populists and nihilists burn the Republican Party to the ground… or, over the next two weeks, decide to get behind one and only one Republican candidate.

March 14th is the deadline. We must decide by then. If we go into the Winner Take All stage of the primary season, splitting our votes behind candidates who aren’t Donald Trump, Donald Trump will be our nominee. I know it’s hard. It’s hard for all of us. Rubio supporters won’t want Rubio to drop out and back Ted Cruz, and Ted Cruz supporters won’t want Cruz to drop out and back Rubio. It’s a three candidate race now and we need it to be a two candidate race.

We have until March 14th to decide, because after that, if there are more than two candidates, Donald Trump will be our nominee, and we’ll have no choice but to rally around him, without having even the slightest clue about the consequences of his candidacy.

This was never going to be easy. It was always going to be primaries and pestilence. Do we nominate Donald Trump, or someone, anyone else? That’s the question. The answer may well determine the fate of our nation.





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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.