Politics & The Moral High Ground

The long search for the moral high ground in politics has left many an enthusiast feeling disenfranchised and disillusioned. All our talk of liberty and justice are references, not to goods in and of themselves, but to goods which are good for something. Justice, in politics, becomes an excuse – a claim to the moral high ground, to righteousness and self-righteousness. Only the few, who understand that liberty means insecurity, and who can live with such insecurities, are capable of speaking of liberty and justice for all.

But what does liberty and justice for all mean, if not “imposed on all?” Like slavery and austerity, liberty and justice are always an imposition on those seeking order and security.

Our Democrat friends speak of something called “social justice”; a justice which can only be attained at the expense of “the privileged.” Those who speak of environmental justice ask that people sacrifice their own well-being for the well-being of “the planet.” This does not make them wrong, but let us observe that which is given priority in every political movement.

In truth, fear drives the debate. Americans are not “a people”, but “peoples”, pitted against one another in an epic battle which always seeks to subjugate one party to the other. American politics is dominate, or be dominated.

If we are to be a Democracy, then our Representatives should represent the majority opinion within their districts, ignoring the 39 or 35 or 49%. If we are to be a Republic, then our Representatives represent the Constitution more than they represent their constituents. There ought to be some kind of scale upon which the Constitution and the Republic itself takes precedent.

Alas, this is no Republic, in the strictest meaning of the word. We are a Republican Collective immersed in Civil and Socio-Ecocomic war with one another.

The current chaos and disenchantment is derived from “the people’s” perception that the two sides fighting this civil war aren’t actually interested in them. As if governments exist to protect the powerful against the powerless. I suppose this is the case.

I’ve been involved in politics for as long as I can remember; and I have learned two things. First, if you can develop a relationship with your elected, you can gain access to the truth (something you’ll never gain from blogs, papers, or news sources). Second, your representatives are held hostage by partisan politics, by leadership, and by herds of special interests.

The moral high ground is found within communities, within an abandonment of partisanship, and motivated toward generalized ideals. If you are not free, then I am not free. If justice does not extend to your family, then it is only a matter of time before it no longer extends to mine. The Truth is the testimony of our own perspective and suffering.

I have heard enough from those who would tell us what justice, and liberty, and security really means.

I would rather we secure this for ourselves.

Sadly, we live in a Commonwealth in which our elected have no power and must answer to the dictates of The State.

I believe, that we must come together in Christ and partnership, to love and care for one another, instead of placing our faith in the State to secure us. Religion embraces charity. The State embraces theft.

Democrats and Republicans are liars. They mean to use us for their own ends. They are not our friends, nor are they our allies.

The Bible tells  us to love one another. Biblical justice, seems to me, far superior to all other forms. Love, not hate. Forgiveness, not vengeance. Whatever we are; that is our future.

I have long sought some kind of connection to politics and politicians, in order to impress upon them the collective’s desire for liberty – yet, for all of this, I have realized that I have begged for my own liberty and agenda – an agenda too few of my fellow countrymen ascribe to.

Democrat or Republican – the choice before us is obvious. We can choose one another or choose partisanship.

Our government is complex and dishonest; yet, for all our interest, we expect far more from it than what it can offer us.

When I moved to Caroline County, I believed that I could make a difference – yet, I realized that the difference was already being made by Jeff Black, Clay Forehand, and Jeff and Susan Sili. I found that Supervisors Underwood and Thomas weren’t unreasonable and were willing to work with whatever board was before them. Our current board is transparent and open and good. They leave me feeling bored and desperate to replicate them at the state and federal level – as naive and optimistic as that may be.

Our State Government is at odds with our county. I’m not sure what we can do about that; other than to be aware of it and to treat our delegates with cautious skepticism.

Government and our representatives are hard to believe in; but I believe in Congressman Wittman and Congressman Brat and Congressman Garrett. Yet, for all the excitement they bring to the table, they can’t bring hope for a Republican Senate. I wish they could. The Democrats are dominating our Commonwealth and with an intent to plunder our resources until we have nothing left.

Activism is hard. Especially once you are active. Democrat or Republican – we must find a way to work with one another on behave toward our own good, before we discover that the needs of government simply supersede the needs of those that government represents. If Caroline County is to be well looked-after, then this county must be lead by Democrats and Republicans that put our own well-being and good first; with everything else – our ideology and superstition coming second.

Or else, the political parties and media narratives will rule the day. This we do not desire!

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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.