Picking Your Favorite Candidate’s Theme Songs (Easter Weekend Fun)

What are yours?

Corey Stewart: 

Ed Gillespie:

Frank Wagner:

Jill Vogel: 

Byrce Reeves:

Glenn Davis:

John Adams:

Special Guest….. Denver Riggleman:

Ralph Northam: (This is funny, I don’t care who you are!)

Tom Perriello: 



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  • frank papcin

    NO COMMENTS?—- why?– anyone can do it even me– first ” THANK YOU ” for doing this— but is that THEIR MUSIC?– OR YOURS?
    some of it is quite descriptive of them– with DEMOCRATS ‘ THINKING TOO MUCH ‘– just let me do the thinking for you
    and there were others that I could comment on— but the choice of music don’t match the people , with the exception of CORY, which I like– the music!– other than that– It’s too early on the very few choices I have
    but again– THANK YOU for your presentation —ha -ha -ha – i find it hard to believe I’m the first
    4/15/2017?– that’s 2 daYS AGO?

    • Those are the song’s i picked out for them. I was hoping others would share their picks, but it is Easter weekend.