On The Virtue of Local Politics

Old government center community meeting building

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As the Democrats riot, protest, and engage in national displays of an imaginative disinclination toward an acceptance of reality, Democrats here in Caroline County are planning community events like the Stop The Violence movement. Gary “Trey” Taylor is a local resident and social worker, dedicated to his community and all the folks living within it. He’s trying to make a difference in his community.

While the Donald Trump enthusiasts stomp around the nation, braggadocios and headstrong, little attention is being paid to local issues, to local charities, or even to national or state policy. Sure – there are email streams and blogs bolstered by the few who actually follow relevant political issues; but who’s listening? Who’s reacting? As far as the media is concerned, if you don’t brake or burn anything, your message isn’t worth covering.

I guess that’s not entirely true – if you drop your drawers with messages inscribed upon your backsides, then social media will cover the heck out of you. Personally, I would hope for a more attractive breed of nudist protester, but who am I to judge?

Why are we so concerned with our federal government? Democrats? Republicans? When was the last time the State Legislature looked out for Caroline County? For you and your family? When was the last time the federal government looked after you and your family? These national policy wonks manufacture national policies that may benefit one or two of us, but what about the rest of us?

Why should they care? We’re what? 33,000 votes?

Why should Richmond care about us? More people live in the city of Fredericksburg, than live in Caroline County.

Why are we, as residents of this community (at least those of us who are educated on state and national matters), so focused on things which, at the end of the day, occur without any concern for our benefit?

Sure, we can be divided by virtue of our votes for Trump, McMullin, and Clinton. So? Will we divide ourselves according to partisan lines which rarely, if ever, result in benefits to us in Caroline County?

Here’s a School Board meeting from last week. This affects us.

Here’s the last January Board of Supervisors Meeting.

These people are actually trying to help us. Agree or disagree with how they intend to help us; they are the only ones who actually care about those who live in Caroline County. State and National candidates and politicians are worried about us – insofar as they are concerned by securing our votes. Why do we not have more discussion regarding these local representatives? If we did, I think we’d find that Democrat and Republican are empty terms. If Supervisor Floyd Thomas doesn’t make you laugh, then you just don’t appreciate humor they way it’s meant to be delivered. It doesn’t matter what party you’re from. If you don’t appreciate Supervisor Jeff Sili’s addiction to details, because he’s a Republican, then you have your priorities all messed up.

Since my surgery in June of 2016, I haven’t been able to attend as many of these BOS meetings as I would like; however, as I spend my time focusing on National and State politics, I am constantly impressed by the fact that our BOS is the only political body who cares about us. This is true. Maybe it wasn’t always – but it is now.

I love Caroline County. In the BOS video, Supervisor Jeff Sili explains why he went to the General Assembly to advocate for us against GA action. These Supervisors are rare. We’re one of the few counties that aren’t represented by developers. We’re represented by advocates. This is fantastic.

My point is this – We here in Caroline County are lucky to have each other. Democrat/Republican it doesn’t matter. Yes, we can argue over national politics, but how often do our nations politicians, regardless of party, actually act to serve the interests of our families and businesses? Yes, we can argue over state politics, but how often do our State’s politicians, regardless of party, actually act to serve the interests of our families and businesses?

I love how non-partisan Caroline County is; it’s rare and we’re lucky. I want to believe that our state delegates and senators care about us, here in Caroline County; but at some point I feel like this desire is naive. I just hope that we will continue to come together as a community – focus on charity and development. I see a real opportunity for Caroline County to be, remain, something special and nonpartisan.

All this requires is a demand for fiscal responsibility and results. Often times Republicans focus on the responsibility and Democrats focus on the results. I think that’s why we often have different perspectives. Here in Caroline County we ought to focus on a happy middle.

I have a request for Caroline County Residents. I would like to use this space to focus on us; and only us. What do you think about our Board of Supervisors and School Board? Our local services? What would you like to see and how should we finance it? What could we do to draw our community closer together? What moves your heart toward particular local events and activities?

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