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The Following Was Sent To Pendleton Penn by Anita Hile of Henrico County.


This weekend, while most of us were staying warm and toasty in our homes, watching the snow blanket our lawns during Snowpocalypse, things were heating up on Facebook. A well know grassroots leader and local activist asked the question I had been pondering for a while. Though it differed somewhat from my own, the gist of it was, why are our friends, the ones we’ve been in the trenches with for years for the cause of Liberty, and the ones who are fighting to keep our Republic, why are they supporting Donald Trump? Her question though asked specifically about fighting Obamacare and pointed out that Trump was for Universal Healthcare.

Another activist commented with a brilliant response.

Personally, I think it’s because Trump speaks in generalities, not in policy specifics, and the average voter, who does not read policy briefs, feel like they can understand him. His generalities seem to simplify complex issues. The complexity of issues has been used by politicians to confuse the electorate and serve the elite. Trump seems to cut through the mustard, and the average voter says to himself/herself – SEE! I knew all along it was simple!

Yes, that makes sense. And Trump has given people a voice, a power, an ability to do something that they didn’t think they had anymore. He has brought issues to the forefront that have been weighing heavily on the minds of many Americans.

She goes on.

Additionally, there is pent up rage, and voters want hard outrageous punches thrown. He yells in debates what they are yelling at their TV screens at home. That makes people feel like ‘he is one of us’, regardless of what he really believes or what they really believe.” To see what he really believes, see the compilation video following this post. She continued.

What is troubling to me is that his liberal history and his liberal donations are excused away, when those same things are not excused away for others. If you point this out to Trump supporters, it is considered bashing or lying about him. People want a political savior to fix things and to them, Trump is that savior. Trump is savvy enough to know that if he markets to the very real frustration of the average American voter, he will win. It’s savvy marketing. He knows how to touch a nerve. He didn’t become a billionaire b/c he doesn’t know how to read people.”

Trump speaks on how to manipulate the media in his book The Art of the Deal. “One thing I’ve learned about the press is that they’re always hungry for a good story and the more sensational the better. It’s in the nature of the job, and I understand that. The point is that if you are a little different, or a little outrageous, or if you do things that are bold or controversial, the press is going to write about you. I’ve always done things a little differently. I don’t mind controversy, and my deals tend to be somewhat ambitious.” What he is doing is classic textbook, using his own book as that textbook. His rhetoric also has shades of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the book that changed Hillary Rodham Clinton’s life. As a side note, Saul Alinsky was also Clinton’s mentor in college where she started out as a Goldwater Republican. My, how one man and their “theology” can change a person.

And finally to answer the question I, as someone who has been in the muck and mire since 2009 working to preserve liberty and activate others, this is where my friends, those activists who I’ve worked with who are supporting Trump come into play. This, to me, is what motivates them.

People are very emotionally involved in this election, especially those grassroots people who worked to elect the lesser of two evils only to discover that they were played. They are being played again, but this time, they think they have the tiger by the tail, and that they will make the GOP and DC pay. Don’t underestimate the power of emotion in an election or in marketing. People want to see DC metaphorically blown up and they don’t care about the fallout from the explosion. That’s the dynamic this election.

Exactly. They have one focus, to “burn it to the ground” as one of my activist friends says on a regular basis. But should this be what motivates our support? Is Trump just the vehicle to “blow up” the GOP or shake DC to the core? What about the fallout with a Trump Presidency? What does he really believe (I honestly don’t know because he has changed and pandered to his audience depending on the changing winds) . Or do we support someone who represents our values and principles? I choose to vote for the latter, to support and volunteer my time for the candidate that closely aligns with my beliefs, who has been working and has taken on DC and the political elites, who has stood alone at times, though others believe the same thing but don’t have the courage to stand beside him. That’s who I will support. I support Senator Ted Cruz for President.

Anita Hile

What do we really know about Donald Trump?

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” – Frederick Douglass

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