New Caroline County Government Sworn in at Circuit Court

Witnessing this evenings’ swearing in of our new Caroline County government was both a treat and an honor. These public servants have been nothing if not approachable and open to discussion regarding the past, present, and future of Caroline County.

The Circuit Courthouse was packed with the friends and family of our newly elected and reelected officials. Judge Patricia Kelly performed the swearing in ceremony beautifully, while Mr. Charles Cully, Jr, our County Administrator served, as the de facto Master of Ceremony. Clay Forehand, Nancy Long, Susan Minarchi, and John Mahoney were among the newly elected members to our Caroline County government.

Delegate Buddy Fowler was in attendance as well and stayed after the ceremony for a tour of the old Caroline County Courthouse. Susan Sili, serving as our historical tour guide of the evening, took us through the history of the Courthouse, it’s architecture, and artwork. The Crown Jewel of Caroline County, an original painting of Queen Caroline hangs in the center of the old Courthouse, which Circuit Court Clerk Susan Minarchi was kind enough to allow us to peruse.

A great many pictures were taken, but there was a palpable air of excitement and anticipation in the room. Our new Board of Supervisors will not be like the boards of the past. I admit, I have been swept up in the anticipation of all this new Board of Supervisors can accomplish. That said, no Board of Supervisors can hold themselves accountable. That is the job of the citizens whom our public servants represent. While I am committed to attending and covering all of our Board of Supervisors meetings, I would encourage others to attend as well. These are not boring events. The matters which fall before our county government affect our daily lives, more so, in truth, than the politics in Richmond and Washington D.C.

So, your new Board of Supervisors:

Jeff Black – Western Caroline District

Clay Forehand – Madison District

Nancy Long – Port Royal District

Jeff Sili – Bowling Green District

Floyd Thomas – Mattaponi District

Reggie Underwood – Reedy Church District

Your Constitutional Officers:

Mark Bissoon – Commissioner of Revenue

Elizabeth Curran – Treasurer

Tony Lippa – Sheriff

John Mahoney – Commonwealth Attorney

Susan Minarchi – Clerk of the Circuit Court

Your School Board:

Nancy Carson – Mattaponi District

John Copeland – Western Caroline District

Tinka Harris – Port Royal District

Shawn Kelley – Madison District

JoWanda Rollins-Fells – Reedy Church District

George Spaulding, Jr – Bowling Green District

Soil & Water Conservation Directors (for Caroline and Hanover):

Cindy Smith & Joseph Stepp, III

These are the men and women that you’ve chosen to administer the government of Caroline County. These are the people you need to know, to contact, to speak to, regarding your issues in Caroline County. These are good people. These are thoughtful people. These are the people serving Caroline County.




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