#NEVERTRUMP Overreaction Goes Viral

Who will be the next to proudly boast #NEVERTRUMP? We’re seeing it from establishment bloggers and conservative TEA Party leaders. We’re seeing it everywhere, splattered across social and old media.

Am I the only person in Virginia that despises Donald Trump that thinks this #NEVERTRUMP movement is an obnoxious overreaction? This doesn’t even have anything to do with Donald Trump. Either people are going to vote for him, were he to win the nomination, or they will not. This is about people threatening Trump supporters, “If you vote for Trump, he’s going to lose in the General Election because #NEVERTRUMP”. Do you really believe this kind of argument is going to convince Trump people to “think”? And why are you trying to get Trump supporters to “think” in the first place? You should know better.

Trump is not even yet the nominee!

Ted Cruz is not that far behind him in delegates and it is looking less and less likely that any candidate is going to get enough delegates during the primary to win the nomination outright. Which means, that it is increasingly likely that the nominee will be selected by the delegates at the national convention. The chance that Donald Trump is able to win a majority of delegates at a brokered convention is slim to none.

So what is everyone all excited about?

Even if Donald Trump does win the nomination outright by securing enough delegates, there is still no reason to panic. If everyone’s arguments that Donald Trump can’t win the General Election against Hillary anyway, then Hillary is the next President and we fight again in four more years. What good does it do anyone to publicly announce who they won’t vote for?

If Trump somehow does win in November, if he’s as much of a fascist dictator as many believe him to be, well, it’s only a four year term. Primary the dictator with a quality conservative candidate (say, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, or Ted Cruz) and take him out in four years. This #NeverTrump nonsense is an emotional reaction to personal disgust at a candidate who instigates that feeling in a majority of Americans – I get that. I feel the same way. I’ll never advocate for Donald Trump, but come November, if he’s the Republican nominee, I’m not washing my hands of the process and voting for Hillary Clinton, or throwing my vote away on some lightweight libertarian candidate (there are no heavy weights out there folks. Harry Browne is gone and the Libertarians out there today aren’t Constitutional Libertarians – many are ideologues).

So enough of this #NEVERTRUMP nonsense. Let’s pull together, defeat Trump in the States going forward, or defeat him at the convention, or primary him in four years. Whatever happens, it’s not like we’re ever out of options.

Of course it would help if the rest of the country got itself together and voted for Senator Ted Cruz en mass to ensure that Cruz wins enough delegates to take the nomination outright, but that is unlikely to happen with establishment goons like Mitt Romney flapping their gums at every reporter with time to waste, telling Americans to vote for everyone, or anyone, just not Trump.

This whole catastrophic overreaction is uncalled for. It’s like Ted Cruz told Donald Trump, “Count to ten”.

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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.
  • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

    In my opinion, it is becoming pretty obvious that Trump is actually no longer interested in being President. His recent behavior I believe is his way of getting out of the race.