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Like most Republicans in Virginia, before March 1st, I couldn’t see beyond the primary. Frustrated with the Trump Candidacy and excited about Senator Ted Cruz, I spent months digging into the polling data from as many States as I could find, desperate to foresee the future (or figure out a way to change it). After the primary – after we all voted – I realized that I had done everything I could do. I campaigned for, organized for, volunteered for, and voted for my candidate. With the Republican Party completely out of many hands I began following the two Democrat Candidates, and all the vitriol and contention, which seemed so natural before I voted on March 1st, began to feel obnoxious and unproductive.

Right now, all I care about is making sure that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton do not win in the General Election.

It is hard for those of us involved with one candidate or another to switch gears from an intra-party slugfest to a laser focus on a distant general election, coming to terms with the fact that there will be a nominee, and the vast majority of Republicans didn’t vote for them. So I would like to take a few moments to share what a Democrat President really means for America.

First, it is highly unlikely that a Democrat wins the White House without also winning the United States Senate. Failure to get out the Republican Vote for whatever reason doesn’t simply mean continued gridlock in Washington D.C., but gridlock with both the White House and the Senate against us.

Second, while it is hard to imagine that Republicans could lose the House of Representatives, it is important to understand that as much as this House has frustrated us in the past, they have passed numerous pieces of outstanding legislation that are currently sitting in the United States Senate, waiting on a Republican President who would sign them.

Third, we all know that our Congress is, for all intents and purposes, impotent these days anyway. The Bureaucracy writes our laws now and the bureaucracy controls our fate – and The President of the United States controls the Federal Bureaucracy. There is a bill that has passed the House of Representatives (which Congressman Wittman supported) called the REINS Act, and sponsored by Rand Paul in the Senate, just waiting on a Republican President to sign it. The REINS Act once again grants Congress the ability to have oversight over regulations coming out of our liberal bureaucracy. This is the most important bill in Congress right now. More important than walls, or immigrants, or even taxes. It dies with a Democrat President and it really dies with a Democrat Senate.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are catastrophes waiting to happen. They will kill every decent bill the Republican Party has written over the last five and half years if they are allowed to sit in the Oval Office.

We Republicans complain that our Republican Leadership does nothing. We ignore the fact that even with all the Republicans we’ve sent to Washington, the United States Senate does not have a veto-proof majority. Have they fought hard enough? No. Often enough? No. Does that really matter now? No.

If we don’t have a Republican House and a Republican Senate and a Republican in the White House, then we will continue to be ruled by a liberal federal bureaucracy without restraint or repose. This perspective isn’t aimed at the nation – I’m talking to you Virginia. We’ve already voted for our choice for President. Yes, we still have our national delegates and our chairwoman to elect, but outside of that, we need to be focused on and organizing toward making sure that Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders do not sit their Alinskite, Marxist bottoms behind that desk in the Oval Office.

Whether the Republicans nominate Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, or Rand Paul – Today, I don’t care. Whatever happens within the Republican Party cannot be grounds for accepting something worse – another Democrat as President of the United States.

Post Script:

Democrats aren’t the enemy. Does anyone really believe that most Democrats understand what Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would mean for America? Most Democrats despise authoritarianism, but they don’t follow the bureaucracy as closely as we do. They might vote for Hillary or Bernie, but they’d be just as unhappy as we would. Democrats like having jobs, higher standards of living, upward mobility, and a more secure retirement. We know that means defeating Hillary and Bernie.

Just something to think about.


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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.
  • Turbocohen

    Read like a short novel. Hope others peruse this. Wisdom man, wisdom.

  • Hard not to love these guys.

  • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

    Come on now, no way Republican’s lose the House. I continue to vote to keep either party from controlling all three branches of government.