Let’s Dump The Pledge and Move On

Political intrigue used to interest me. Now, it just gives me a slight migraine and the desire to listen to Schubert.

The RPV has opened itself up to attack over a wildly unpopular “loyalty pledge” or “statement of affiliation” and Russ Moulton, former 1st District Chairman and leading Whitbeck critic, isn’t wasting any time capitalizing on the debacle.

Russ Moulton released a message addressing the issue (via Virginia Right)

  1. I understand the statement of affiliation wording has been changed by SBE/McAuliffe, and won’t be the one voted on by SCC in September.
  1. I understand that SBE is refusing to allow us access to the executed statement forms, so we won’t get this “gold mine” of “Republican voter” contact data we were promised.  We will have to fight for it under FOIA or other legal approaches that may or may not be successful.
  1. RNC Rule 16 d 2 says RPV must have published the statement of affiliation qualification in a newspaper of general circulation 90-days before the Primary.  RPV didn’t do so, and so if RPV proceeds with the statement requirement with SBE, it is violating RNC rules and VA’s delegation is subject to a credentials challenge.

Typically, I tend to side with Whitbeck and have been supportive of his leadership, however on this point Mr. Moulton is correct. This project and purpose was ill-conceived from the start, it is unworkable at present, and offers us nothing but heartburn in the future. As I understand it, it is John Whitbeck’s job to execute the will of the State Central Committee. The State Central Committee has been unwilling, apparently, to let go of this statement of affiliation nonsense.

They’ve got to let it go.

Fact is, the data they would have collected wouldn’t have been any good anyway. Donald Trump and Rand Paul, both on the ballot in the Republican Primary, would be pulling in Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians that are not likely Republican voters, may not have voted in the last twenty years, or may have voted for either Republicans or Democrats in the past. While the RPV may have achieved some good data, telling it apart from the bad data would not be as simple as they would have us believe.

I have nothing against Russ Moulton, other than that I adamantly support open Republican primaries as opposed to conventions. I also support growing the Republican Party and building a party that will better represent the people’s desire for a GOP centered around fiscal responsibility, limited government, and constitutional integrity. I do not believe that conventions are a wise path to that end. John Whitbeck seems to favor multiple options, but supports primaries only if Virginia has Party Registration. Well, if we’re going to have closed primaries, how is that better than a convention?

In this regard, I don’t have a dog in the fight. Apparently, I’m out here alone in my belief that open primaries are the way to go.

Needless to say, this entire ordeal has been unnecessary, unpleasant, and embarrassing for Virginia. We have Donald Trump, a candidate for the Republican Nomination, calling out the RPV for being a stooge to the RNC, which John Whitbeck has flatly denied. Trump has offered no proof to support his claim, though I have heard from sources that there is truth to his accusation; but I have no proof either, so what good are suspicions? There are too many people playing too many games with the Republican Party.

We are in a great position to continue to grow this party, if only the Party would get out of the way and let us grow. There is so much to be excited about. In 2012, Virginia attracted only enough support for two Presidential Candidates, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. This year, we have thirteen on the ballot! Think of all the people who will want to come out to vote for their favorite, the volunteers engaged, NEW volunteers engaged. We defeated an onslaught of Democrat money pouring into Virginia to reclaim the Virginia Senate in November. We held the line.

The RPV is functioning… was functioning… better and Republicans could feel that they had momentum.

The State Central Committee, the Republican Party of Virginia, or the State Board of Elections – whomever has the power to end this ridiculous episode, needs to put an end to it. We need to put down our pitchforks and torches, holster our weapons, and sing “I feel pretty” and get about the business of winning an election in November of 2016 – while those of us working for candidates need to get back to the business of promoting our nominee of choice.

Please, to whomever is concerned, close this chapter. Let’s move on.


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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.
  • Waverly Woods

    Well said Steven. You do write very well. I agree with you 100% on everything but open primary’s. The elected use open primary’s as a blanket of protection. They employe non-republicans to vote when the more conservative candidate has a strong chance of winning. Let the non-republicans vote in the general not party primary’s.

    Also with the very low turnout for primary’s it’s hard to justify the taxpayers flipping the bill. It’s a party thing, the party should pay!

    Now the one issue that has not been brought up yet by anyone is our military. Remember the GA wanted to outlaw conventions. They used the lame excuse that our military can’t vote in a convention? ( Total BS)! Well what do you think this statement says? Come on in and be a Republican. We love our military and respect that you’re away defending our country so we can make it even harder for you to vote!

    If this is the Chairmans big idea for the big tent…
    It sucks! Just Sayn!

    • Whitbeck has been voting for conventions and has said that he would only vote for a Primary if there was party registration. This pledge, on the other is a disaster all around. I’ve asked everyone I can about how conventions help bring new blood into the party. Yes they keep Democrats out, but they also keep libertarians and constitutionalists out. I think a convention would hurt Barbara Comstock and Scott Rigell, but I also think it hurts folks like Dave Brat. As the establishment continues passing these awful omnibus bills fewer and fewer people want anything to do with parties, so party registration is awful, plus, with conventions, how does my grandad, at 97 vote? What about folks who work 75 hours a week? I know people who couldn’t get off of work November 3rd, who also couldn’t get to the polls until 6:30. They shouldn’t have a right to vote?

      • Waverly Woods

        First of all Steven, I won’t go to far into the weeds on Whitbecks loyalty. I am hearing from more than just Russ Moulton about how Whitbeck has made phone calls threats to anyone against him. I have also heard how he is taking money from the RNC and now must do their bedding. Now this is what I’ve heard and those folks should come forward to speak for themselves.

        Furthermore, at the 2013 convention there where countless Liberty people there and I do mean countless. I consider our Liberty Minded just another shade of conservative. If you are stuck on the Libertarian Party title, then they should have their own convention and pay for it. Your party you pay. My party I pay.

        That said Scott Rigell and Barbra Comstock should absolutely be unseated by any means possible. They are horrible examples to represent the Republican Party. They are by no means conservative with terrible voting records.

        Anyway, I am sorry for anyone that finds it difficult to get to a precinct and vote. Let me remind you that everyone can vote early and absentee. Their has also been a pervision added to the party plan to allow for the military to vote in a convention.

        Happy New Year !

        • People can make it to polls, just not conventions. It’s conventions that push people out of the process. Not me of course, I’d be there come hell or high water, but not everyone has the luxury of writing their own work schedules.

          • Waverly Woods

            I do understand your prospective and I would support primary’s instead of conventions as soon as they CLOSE them up. I support party affiliation. As I said before far to many so called R’s use our open primary’s to employe D’s to keep them in office. That can be said for the other side as well.

            Representatives like Rigell and Comstock have pushed away the true base of the Republican Party and took money from big government so they must now do their bedding.

            Please don’t misunderstand me I am #notatrumpster, #ImaCruzer. I just don’t like the use of our party plan against the people when the RNC or anyone else for that matter, don’t get what they want. It’s just wrong. They did the same thing last year to0 “slate” these same folks out of their vote. Menipulating and trickery is not the Republican way and so many see this party that way.

            If Donald Trump wins I want it to be fair and if he looses it must be fair. What was done to Dr. Ron Paul in 2012 is despicable. How the RNC had the Virginia delagation trapped on a bus for four hours to keep their vote out despicable! How Priebus set it up so that Boehner read from the prescripted TelePrompTer, despicable. These are the lies and deceit from the establishment of our party and I want it to STOP. I want to bring our people home! But to what??

          • I doubt we disagree on what we want in the end and I’m not so stubborn as to demand my way or the highway either. I’ll roll with whatever the party decides, I just don’t want them to make what I’m trying to do in my county harder. Party registration could really hurt republican delegates in Caroline County. Everyone out here is “independent”.