It’s Time For Cruz to Fight Back Against the Trump Machine

I have appreciated Senator Cruz’s classy handling of all of the ridiculous attacks thrown at him over the last four weeks. I appreciate that his temperament is solid, that he is not easily rattled, that he cares more about speaking up for principles than tearing other candidates down. These are great qualities that make him a great leader and are merely a part of why Ted Cruz has been so popular.

That said, Donald Trump and Donald Trump supporters have spent weeks telling out right lies about the Senator from Texas. The entire Trump organization and their supporters have committed themselves to destroying Ted Cruz’s reputation. In response, I would like to see Ted Cruz go after Donald Trump the way he went after Mitch McConnell. Tonight, I hope to see the Ted Cruz that lit a fire under Senate Republicans and under the Republican Leadership. I want to see Ted Cruz the fighter.

While many Ted Cruz and Donald Trump supporters have been close allies, and will be close allies after this is all said and done, we need to put these friendly relationships on hold. Only one person can win the Republican Nomination and if it is Donald Trump, I do not believe that the Republican Party or Conservationism will survive. In fact, conservatives will take the blame for every unconstitutional and Obama-like executive order a President Trump would inevitably enact. A quarter of the TEA Party supports Donald Trump and this could deal a death blow to them as well.

Some will say that Donald Trump is the only Republican that cannot be bought by corrupt corporate interests. That’s true, because Donald Trump is a corrupt corporate interest. He wouldn’t want the competition. This is a man that has been purchasing politicians for decades. This is a man who steals the land of average American citizens compensating them for their own property for less than they would have agreed to sell. This is a man who has attacked every other Republican running for President.

Do you understand what that means?

Donald Trump at the head of the Republican Party would mean the death of the Republican Party. The people that support Rand Paul. They’re out. The people that support Ted Cruz. They’re out. The people that support Jeb Bush. They’re out. Kasich, Christie, and Rubio? Those people will be done too. Ben Carson folks? I don’t know about the Ben Carson folks. They all seem a little bit too nice and agreeable to me. I love them, but they might stay for a little longer than the rest of us.

We’re talking about the death of the Republican Party, which, while having served as the lesser evil for generations, has preserved our second amendment rights. If only for the sake of our right to bear arms, I cannot imagine what would become of this country without a national opposition party to the tyrannical Democrat tide.

Neither Donald Trump, nor a single one of his supporters, have been able to attack Senator Ted Cruz on principles, policy, or position. They attack his Cuban heritage. They attack him for being born in Canada. They attack him for being married to a successful woman. Now, Trump supporters may or may not hate Cubans or Evangelicals, Canadians or women, but their inability to attack Cruz on the issues demonstrates that this Trump movement has nothing to do with political policy and everything to do with populist authoritarianism.

Donald Trump needs to get a taste of his own medicine and there will be no one on that stage tonight (besides possibly Marco Rubio) who would be capable of serving it to him.

Tonight, I hope Senator Ted Cruz tells the truth about Donald Trump and draws clear, bold distinctions between a corporatist billionaire who has financed the Washington Cartel and this Senator from Texas who has fought the Washington Cartel. If it’s messy and if feelings are hurt and friendships are strained, so be it. We need Ted Cruz to be Churchill in his approach to Trump, not Chamberlain. Trump has declared his war. He started it. Senator Cruz should end it and he should end it tonight.

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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.
  • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

    If Ted Cruz cannot survive attacks by Trump, how could he possible survive Bill Clinton, opps, I mean Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders attacks?