Is Donald Trump the Most Dangerous Man in America?

Republicans, angry with the Republican Establishment, have spent most of this primary season deciding on which anti-establishment candidate possesses the best chance of winning the White House and changing how business in Washington D.C. is done.

To understand this election season, you must first understand what the “Establishment” actually is and understand who they actually represent. The Republican Establishment is comprised of career politicians and political operatives serving as legislators, governors, lobbyists, media personnel, journalists, delegates, and bureaucrats. In other words, the establishment is the collection of successful Republicans, but that’s not why Republican voters are so furious with them.

As spending and debt continue to skyrocket, as the number of things taxed and the quantity of things regulated continue to climb, Americans who believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility, federalism (States’ Rights), and a culture of self-reliance have no one to blame but their elected officials. Their elected officials do not seem to be representing them (The People). So who are these career politicians representing? They are representing what we refer to as Special Interests.

Special Interests can take on many forms: Political Action Committees associated with policy research and advocacy, Unions, Lobbyists, Industries (energy, agriculture, banking, technology, investors, and military), and finally, the Billionaire Donor Class like Bill Gates, George Soros, and Donald Trump.

This is why it’s surprising that so-called conservatives are rallying around Trump. The whole reason Republicans are angry with their representatives is because their representatives have been representing Donald Trump and not their constituency. Donald Trump has funded campaign after campaign in order to keep powerful puppets like Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi in power. He’s funded most of the establishment Republicans in close races with conservative and TEA Party candidates. You see, Donald Trump has never believed in the liberty movement. He’s done everything in his power to destroy it, to ensure that his representatives stay in power. As long as they are in power, Trump is in power.

By running for President, all Donald Trump is doing is cutting out the middle men (the establishment). He doesn’t have to buy politicians if he is the President of the United States.

This bizarre mantra of Trumps followers that “Trump cannot be bought” is astonishing considering that Trump has always been the one doing the buying, when it comes to our politicians. So, his followers hate “the establishment”, but don’t hate the people who’ve controlled them. This puzzles me.

I could understand Donald’s followers if they were rallying behind Trump’s Corporatist and heavy-handed control over the Republican Establishment, but they seem to hate the very people who’ve been operating on orders from Donald Trump himself. How many times has he said this? He wanted to get something done, he throws some money at the right politicians and boom, it’s done!

Many principled conservatives, constitutionalists, and libertarians have assumed that everyone involved in our anti-establishment liberty movement actually liked liberty. Sadly, we’re discovering that it isn’t liberty or principle that Trump’s follwers are after. What they want is power. They want to be the establishment. They want to be in charge and in control and they have latched on to the only thing more powerful than the establishment itself (which did not want them), the billionaire class that owns it.

You’ve probably heard the mantra, “Burn It All To The Ground”, coming from certain sectors within the liberty movement. This has always troubled me, but I could never quite put my finger on why. It’s becoming all too clear to me now. The Trump activist is an authoritarian without authority and they are driven by their desire to possess power.

This is why Donald Trump can flip flop on every issue imaginable and his followers are not dissuaded. Trump can lie, mock, curse, and say the most horribly revolting things and his followers are not bothered in the least. Trump’s followers do not care about issues. They just want power. They want Trump to tear down the Republican Party so that they, themselves, his followers, can take it over and rule the party on their own behalf.

This is a profoundly precarious enterprise and those of us in the liberty movement have probably worked, as activists, side by side with folks fighting the Corporatists in the Republican Party, believing that they were fighting with us because they shared our love of liberty, constitution, and country. Now we discover that all they are concerned about is their own position and rank within what they imagine to be a new Republican Party.

This is why Donald Trump and, dare I say, his followers are so profoundly dangerous. This is not a freedom movement. This is an authoritarian movement. Donald Trump’s campaign, while using the Alinsky tactics of our current President, pretends to represent a move away from the status quo, but promises instead to dramatically expand the role of government in all our lives.

Listen to Donald Trump when he gives his speeches (if you can call them that). Does he ever talk about liberty or constitution? Or does he say, here’s what I’m going to do? He’s just going to do it. Donald Trump threatens to expand President Barack Obama’s authoritarian approach to governance. I’m not sure that Donald Trump is not as much a threat to our liberty as Bernie Sanders. Sure, the two men want completely different things. One is a Corporatist and the other is a Socialist, and they couldn’t be more different ideologically; but neither of these men care about liberty or constitution. Both of these men intend to do what they want by sheer force of will and you oppose them at your peril.

As an activist in the TEA Party and the liberty movement since it’s inception, I can tell you that Donald Trump is everything I have been fighting against, everything I have tried to prevent. Donald Trump is more dangerous than the so-called Establishment, because while they at least pretend to honor our rule of law and our constitution, Donald Trump won’t. This will make his authoritarian rule so much more efficient and effective than any of his predecessors. Today, Donald Trump really is the most dangerous man in America. The scary thing is, this is why his followers love him.


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