I Love Libertarianism, But Won’t Vote Libertarian

Call it ambition, impatience, or selfishness – I have been a long-suffering libertarian convert to the Republican Party. Yet, I always called it thoughtfulness. That’s not where actually where I started however.

In high school and community college, I was a Marxist. I truly believed that the wealthy had manufactured a rigged system aimed at disenfranchising average folks from having a chance at creating their own wealth and exercising their own freedom. I believed that only a peoples’ movement (progressive populism) of force and rage was powerful enough to keep that evil 1% in line – and yes, if necessary, I believed that if we had to control the means of production, through force, that was an act of force forced upon the people, by necessity.

I believed in equality and justice. I believed justice was a principle of moral and ethical agency, but that equality was a product of thoughtful government. I was naive enough to believe in thoughtful government and in ideological government at the time. That all government required force escaped me.

I can tell you now, as an older man, I do not believe in either a thoughtful or ideological government.

Nationalist, Communist, or Libertarian Governments can only maintain their ideologies through force. Whatever initial principles and ideals they hold in the classrooms and college campuses from which they spring, they can never achieve anything without unmitigated force. Freedom cannot exist within a culture of idealism, puritanism, or force.

While naked men stand up to speak for the libertarians, and while billionaires stand up to speak for the middle class, and while establishment and entrenched millionaires stand up to speak for the poor – I’d like to take a moment to speak on behalf of myself.

Here is the reality.

The Democrat Party despises the constitution. They hate the Bill of Rights. The mock the Declaration of Independence. They believe that those who love governing should govern everything – and I mean everything.

The Republican Party loves American Prosperity and will do anything to make sure that the people who prosper most are protected. The Republican Party has no ideology. They don’t believe in anything, despite their creeds and promises.

The Libertarian Party believes in anarchy and moral degradation and seeks to ensure that the limits of each at least reaches politically from sea to shining seas.

In this election season of Hillary Clinton, Donald  Trump, and Gary Johnson, I would like to warn you against all arguments. None of these parties care about your freedom. None of these candidates care about your freedom. None of the activists, so passionately involved, are truly true believers.

I love Libertarianism. I love Ayn Rand. I love David Hume. I love Friedrich Nietzsche. I love Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu. I love John Locke. I love Adam Smith. I love Friedrich Hayek.

That doesn’t mean I will vote for a party of idealists bereft of respect for our constitution. I won’t.

I’m voting Republican.

Sadly, apparently that means Donald Trump.


How do I justify myself?

Let me begin. The greatest threat to America is liberalism, progressivism, and Marxism is the American People. What is “The People”. The People are theird beliefs. These are ideologies that appeal to the most impressionable amongst us. The budget isn’t an ideal. The budget is an actual thing. The Rule of Law isn’t an idea, it is voted upon sporadicly, by the elected, and defined by a massive bureaucracy of the unelected. It is allowed by the people. The People love good intentions.

Each of you as individuals have a right to decide what you want – freedom or security. You can allow Hillary or Trump. You can allow top down or bottom up.

But it all comes down to ownership. Do you own your life or does the government. Do you control what you own or does the government? Do you raise your family or does the government?

That’s up to you. I just cannot believe that Johnson, Clinton, or Trump expresses the will of the people.

That’s because it doesn’t matter.

So – here are some ideas expressed in words that are fun – that I’m too inarticulate to explain.

Have Fun.



You can get excited by naked men and men in druid garb at a Libertarian Convention. You can always just argue economics and freedom and life in general. It’s up to you.




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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.
  • Dylan Lloyd

    Boooo (haha).. but..yeah.
    Gary Johnson is the only Republican running for POTUS
    He for sure has my vote and wish you would reconsider.