I Am Absolutely Loving Bernie and Hillary

Hands Up / Don't Shoot

I have never seen two worse Democrat front runners in all my life. The Democrat Party has prepared the way for a Republican victory simply by being themselves. The funny thing is, despite their love affair with the Clinton’s and with the radical Marxist Bernie Sanders, Democrats, when polled, don’t speak too highly of either candidate.

Let’s look at Secretary Clinton. Quinnipiac Poll.

In the most recent national poll, Hillary Clinton’s unfavorables to favorables are absolutely delicious. Only 39% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton. Only 75% of Democrats have a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton. Only 39% of Independents have a favorable view of Hillary Clinton. Surely amongst women Hillary would have to be doing well! Nope! only 47% of women have a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton. 31% of white people have a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton. Heck, she can at least count on like 95% favorability with African Americans! Oops, not so fast Jack. Only 73% of African Americans have a favorable view of Hillary Clinton. How about those Millennials, the future of the Democrat Party? Only 39% of young people have a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton. Amongst Generation X, folks between 35 and 49 years of age, only 34% have a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton.

Let’s face it. Folks just don’t like Hillary Clinton. Should she be the Democrat Nominee, we’ll be looking at a Republican President in 2017.

Bernie Sanders numbers are much better than Hillary, however he has a totally different set of problems.

44% of Americans have a favorable view of Bernie Sanders, which is scary considering that means that 44% of our fellow Americans have a positive opinion of a radical Marxist. That said, only 72% of Democrats hold a favorable view of the Marxist curmudgeon. Shockingly, 53% of “Independents” have a favorable view of Senator Sanders. This confirms for me that the independent voter is usually the least informed voter. Only 45% of women hold a positive view of Bernie Sanders, meaning that Sanders struggles more with women than Hillary, but neither of them, amongst a key constituency in a Presidential election, can get 50% support of women. That’s crazy.

Now, while 60% of Millennials have a positive view of the Marxist leader, amongst his piers (those 65 and older) only 36% hold a favorable view. Even more troubling for a man running for the Democrat Nomination, only 55% of African Americans have a positive view of the Senator.

Now, once the Democrats have their nominee, many of these numbers are sure to go up as Democrats rally around their version of the lesser of two evils, but what these numbers tell me, is that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will have massive enthusiasm gaps within major demographics needed to get elected.

So while the Republicans chew themselves up in an increasingly ridiculous and vicious primary, the Democrats have no where to go, no one to save them. It’ll either be Hillary or Bernie and there is nothing they can do about it.

For these reasons, I would prefer to see the Republican Candidates stop with their nonsense about how they and only they can defeat the Democrat in a general election. The Republicans could find some rich buffoonish billionaire playboy and reality tv star, nominate him, and even he could beat one of these two Democrats in November. We’ll still have to work hard, not taking anything for granted, but we’re up against the weakest crop of Democrats in our lifetime and that’s a source of great encouragement.


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