Hanover County Conservatives Targeted for Annexation

I’ve often said that if Virginia’s 1st District was as conservative, politically active, and politically educated as the folks in Hanover County, we’d be a lot better off. It never occurred to me that we could simply annex Hanover for ourselves. Clearly, gifting the 1st District with Hanover County wasn’t the point of the new maps, which targeted the 7th District in ways which had absolutely nothing to do with with the original lawsuit over the racial composition in the 3rd District.

While I don’t believe that their ploy to rob Congressman Brat of his most conservative base in Hanover will ultimately lead to an establishment Republican primary victory, they have certainly made things more difficult and expensive for the Congressman. The hardest hit by this plan are the grassroots conservatives in Hanover itself. These people worked around the clock to nominate Dave Brat and to replace then House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Now, they could end up being represented by Congressman Rob Wittman. That has to be a strange experience to form such a strong relationship with your Congressman only to have a couple liberal judges swoop in and decide that he’s no longer your Congressman. I will feel terrible for Hanover residents if these changes hold.

I do not like the idea of unelected federal officials making redistricting decisions for citizens within the 50 States. I don’t like the idea of non-partisan commissions or any other clever tweak to make the process of redistricting appear less politically motivated. Of course this new map is as politically motivated as if the Democrats in our state legislature would have redrawn them themselves. Only, the people making these dire political decisions aren’t elected and cannot be voted out of office. The people affected have no recourse. They just have to take it.

While I am hoping for a miracle that these changes will not take place, I’m quite certain they’ll stand. For now. I know being annexed by the Historic 1st District won’t be taken well by most people in Hanover, but if the new map stays, then I would like to say to Hanover County, you are most welcome in the 1st District! I will value your commitment to civic duty in the 1st District more than you’ll ever know.

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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.
  • David Southall

    How is it an attack on the 7th? You said judges did this, they didn’t push the 7th to democrats. They actually hurt the 4th more than any other district

    • You don’t think targeting Brat’s conservative base was intentional? And of course the 4th got it worst, but I’m not addressing that. I’m focusing on Hanover here. Establishment Republicans have given Democrats much of what they wanted – an establishment Republican in the 7th would almost be as good as a Democrat. 🙂 More votes for trade and education 😉

      • David Southall

        I am happy with the 7th, disappointed with the 4th. Republicans drew the original maps that gave Dave the opportunity to win, the courts not the Republicans redrew the districts that maintain a Republican hold on the 1st and 7th, 3rd and 4th now lean democrats. Forbes and the Republican caucus take a hit not Brat.