Fraudulent Language Becoming Common Among Public Officials: By Bob Shannon

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I left the Joint BOS & School Board meeting Tuesday evening feeling elated. It was quite a contrast to the night before and the surreal atmosphere shamefully brought on by just such use of, the now common, fraudulent language being employed so public sector officials insure they get their way, facts be damned. Puzzled for years when I would hear that school/county employees hadn’t had a raise in XXX years , after sitting in the very room just months before witnessing the raises given to both county and school employees, I just could not understand how they could make those statements knowing they were false………until Tuesday night when I finally figured it out.   What I am about to describe is “ learning a new language”.

If my Boss gives me a pay raise of $100 a month, and consequently my phone bill that same month increases $100——well according to their “ interpretation” I did not get a raise. Yes, that is correct I received an “ offset”,  a new word  created in the bizzaro world of the public sector. In the power point presentation by Deb Stickly it states that school employees hadn’t had a raise in XXX years.  One is reminded of the old adage, “it takes years to build your integrity and minutes to destroy it”, but hey, isn’t it her job to carry the message after all? report pdf

Visit this site which tracks annually for each locality the changes in school employee salaries and any raises /adjustments and PAY ATTENTION TO PAGES 17—19 where you will read the commentary box by each county ( info submitted by the schools ).  Under King William you will read the following quote:  “all teachers received a salary step increase  plus a salary scale adjustment of 2-4%. In addition the division increased all salaries to account for the increase in employee VRS contributions from 1-5%”?????  Confused—so was  I.

The term “offset” and understanding how the public sector mindset works, if the schools give their employees a raise to “ offset” the increase, in say, health insurance premiums, according to their language………that wasn’t a pay raise—that is an offset.  Catching on yet?

If the county schools give out a pay raise to “offset” the required contributions to VRS, well that isn’t a pay raise ….that is an “ offset”.

Next time your company gives you a pay raise, if you are also experiencing any other expense increasing simultaneously , go tell your employer of the new LANGUAGE,  “ boss I haven’t had a raise in XXX years”  “  No Joe, I just gave you a raise last month”  “ But Boss, that was just an offset”… “ Joe, find somewhere else to work, maybe the public schools”


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