Ed Gillespie, Governor 2017?

I didn’t vote for former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie in his pursuit of the Virginia Senate. He’s a Corporatist and a Washington insider. He was a flawed advisor to President George W. Bush and bipartisan lobbyist pioneer (meaning that he was one of the first to discover that you could buy both parties at the same time on the same issues). One of his clients was the US Chamber of Commerce, which is an organization who’s primary purpose is to secure open borders in the United States. He represents just about everything I hate about the Republican Establishment Class in Washington DC. If you want an idea just how broad and corrupt a lobbying firm he ran, look at the corporations and organizations they represented.

That said, we face real issues in Virginia. Illegal immigration and liberal migration threatens to turn Virginia into a strongly Democrat State. Liberal folks from Maryland (my home state and you don’t want to know how awful they are, politically) have fled the horrors of their homelands and made their home in Northern Virginia. This reality could cost us not just the Governors’ Mansion, but the State Senate.

A bloody primary will not help the libertarian, constitutionalist, and conservative wings of the Republican Party.

Typically, I am of the opinion that fighting to the death against establishment candidates is necessary to build the strength of the conservative majority in Virginia. I still believe this to be true. However, I’ll never be one of those people who are willing to fall upon their own sword, to make a point. Unless I’m wrong, and I’m never wrong (hattip Princess Bride), there will be no great conservative challenger to Ed Gillespie for Governor in 2017. This is not a Lord of the Rings moment.

It’s not that the hour is later than I think. I’m not advocating inevitability. I am merely questioning whether or not this is a battle worth fighting. I suppose I should say, that yes, I have given up fighting for the Libertarian Party, and now advocate for Republican action, but that should not indicate that I am somehow in favor of everything I despise about the GOP. We are embracing a nation newly predisposed to despising Democrats. Democrats are losing left and right. My last home state of North Carolina elected their first Republican Congress in 100 years before I left. It’s done some good. Not a lot. But some.

If we all decided to embrace Ed Gillespie and if we demanded, early, as in right now, that he not run a campaign that would insult or harm conservative candidates in our local election, then I believe we could do some good. What if we asked three things from Ed Gillespie? Oppose Illegal Immigration. Oppose this silly Climate Change Agenda, and to oppose Medicaid Expansion in Virginia? What if he did those things? Could conservatives and libertarians and constitutionalists back him?

Yes, should be the answer.

So, instead of opposing this lobbyist from Washington D.C. a year before he lobbies us, let’s lobby him. It’s worth trying and doing. He’s probably going to be our nominee anyway, why not pressure him with 3 issues we care most about with regard to Virginia?


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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.
  • David Southall

    a few things……

    us chamber of commerce. http://immigration.uschamber.com/

    ed on immigration…
    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ed on a few occasions and multiple campaign conference calls…. great guy and good leader…. WILL do what is necessary to get Virginia back on track, even if that means reaching across the aisle to the few Blue Dog Democrats still roaming the halls of the Capitol…

    • I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but those 3 issues I pointed out are pretty important if he wants to get conservatives to vote for him.

      • David Southall
        • Yeah, these establishment guys need to drop that comprehensive reform stuff. We know it’s b.s. and we don’t trust them to secure the border, because they haven’t. If they really wants reform, shut down the border, and then start pushing pathway to citizenship. But then asking the American people to trust them is hysterical.

          • David Southall

            so build a wall??? they are trade allies?? NAFTA?? shall we build a Northern wall?? your libertarian roots are showing

          • Build a double layered barbed wire fence. Mexico is a very corrupt and extremely dangerous county.The border should be secure. NAFTA is a trade agreement, and unless I missed something, that doesn’t include human beings.

          • David Southall

            well that would be trafficking….(crossing your favorite bridge)….. how would it look to build a wall (fence) between a member of NAFTA and TPP??

          • How would it look? It’d look like every other country.

          • David Southall

            every other country has a “double layered barbed wire fence.”

          • Every other country protects it’s borders with something, yes. A fence is better than motion activated machine guns.

          • David Southall

            what about the ongoing net reduction in immigration? should one of the 3 address the states economy vs. say climate change or immigration or are “conservatives” more interested in social stigmas??

          • I don’t understand what you are trying to say? We need illegal immigrants for the economy?

          • David Southall

            no… there’s a net reduction in immigration…. should it be one of the 3…. should climate change?? really?? unless it’s a catalyst for saving coal in SW….. then that’s economics and should be addressed as such…… VIRGINIA is on a downward slide ECONOMICS needs to be what this election is about….. NOT SOCIAL STIGMAS

          • I’m not interested in social stigmas. I’m saying that a Governor should make law and order a priority, should reject industry killing regulations based in a hoax, and ensure our future fiscal security by rejecting Medicaid expansion. If he’d promise to do those three things, he’d get the vast majority of conservatives to the polls, which well help local republican candidates. If you run Gillespie and he campaigns as a squishy moderate, conservatives will stay home and that will hurt local candidates.

          • David Southall

            opposite of Cuccinelli??
            ran a hardliner, lost, got McAulliffe…..

          • Gillespie lost too. No difference. So, if he wants to win, he’ll need the conservatives. People like Brian talk about unity, by which they mean conservatives give up everything and get nothing. That won’t work.

          • David Southall

            Brian, nor I want anyone to give up their principles, but Virginia is a very diverse state, what NOVA wants/needs is a far cry from SW and so on….. We want a candidate as diverse as our Commonwealth….. nothing more, nothing less

          • Just remember that winning is important and you can’t do that without the base.

          • David Southall

            the “base” like “conservative” has been so twisted that it’s meaningless…. the base is the people who vote, that’s your voter base….. if someone won’t vote because the candidate is too far right or too moderate than they aren’t the base….. I’m the base, I voted for McCain, Romney, Cuccinelli, Ed G., and my local republicans PERIOD….. the base shows up BECAUSE ANY REPUBLICAN is better than a Democrat…..

          • I’ve very slowly gotten to that point as well, but I will still fight establishment candidates whenever a primary challenge happens. That said, if Gillespie runs I don’t think he should be primaried, but he should run a conservative campaign. It’ll ensure the highest number of people show up.

          • David Southall

            Fighting the establishment could mean fighting a friend. .. if you consider me establishment. ..

          • Indeed, though you and I have very different political philosophies. I have no doubt we’ll find ourselves on opposite sides of primary battles. 🙂 And that’s ok.

          • David Southall

            Fair enough. Although I believe if more had discussions like you and I (note to the factions ) the party would make progress. Common ground can be reached without hurling grenades.

          • Absolutely.

          • Not to mention, securing the border is the law of the land.

  • Craig DiSesa

    Good piece, Tucker!