Donald Trump: “You Can’t Do That On Television” Tactics Fail Against Senator Cruz

Billionaire playboy Donald Trump has found a winning strategy amongst Republican voters. It’s nasty and it’s mean, but Republicans seem to like it. Trump has mocked, smeared, threatened, and insulted every Republican Candidate that has posed a threat to him since he began his campaign in 2015. As disgusting as this has been to watch, if there is one thing we’ve learned about the Republican voter it’s that this strategy works and is appealing to them. The nastier the better it seems.

The first threat to Donald Trump was Dr. Ben Carson. Ben Carson and his wife, Candy, have three sons and seven grandchildren. In a horrifying insult to Carson’s entire family, Donald Trump likened Ben Carson to a child molester.

“I’m not saying anything other than pathological is a very serious disease. And he said he’s pathological, somebody said he has pathological disease,” Trump said.

“It’s in the book that he’s got a pathological temper,” Trump continued. “That’s a big problem because you don’t cure that.”

You don’t cure these people. You don’t cure a child molester. There’s no cure for it. Pathological, there’s no cure for that,” he said.

Donald Trump’s accusation that Ben Carson is like a Child Molester destroyed Carson’s campaign. That didn’t matter much because Donald Trump was going to deport Muslims and illegal immigrants, and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters in America for about 35% of Republicans.

After missing the first prime time debate, businesswoman Carly Fiorina stole the show at the pre-debate debate, earning her a top spot on the big stage on the next go around. Carly began rising in the polls before Donald Trump got worried and decided to take her out.

So this happens:

When the anchor throws to Carly Fiorina for her reaction to Trump’s momentum, Trump’s expression sours in schoolboy disgust as the camera bores in on Fiorina. “Look at that face!” he cries. “Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!” The laughter grows halting and faint behind him. “I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not s’posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?”

Boom! Carly Fiorina is done for. Another candidate slain by Donald Trump – not on the issues mind you, but because Donald Trump mocked her.

In December, Donald Trump became concerned with the possibility of the establishment rallying behind Governor Jeb Bush. Trump accused Jeb of being low energy and then, in a series of bizarre and reportedly sober tweets, Trump bashes the Bush family and then Jeb Bush as being “dumb as a rock“. Unable to find a away to get down in the gutter with Trump, Jeb Bush was destroyed and never recovered.

One by one, Trump mocked his fellow candidates to their doom. He’s even used these tactics with the media, accusing Meagan Kelley of menstruating during a Fox News debate.

As time went on, Senator Ted Cruz rose in the polls, partially thanks to Trumps humiliating destruction of Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. Only, Ted Cruz hasn’t fallen apart under the juvenile assaults of Trump.

Trump began by pretending that Senator Cruz wasn’t an American citizen, which didn’t work because, and despite the deplorable condition of America’s schools, the American people aren’t nearly that stupid. Next, Donald Trump began to attack Ted Cruz for not being able to get along with Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and John McCain, as if conservatives wouldn’t view that as maybe the most likable thing about Senator Cruz.

Then Donald Trump decided that maybe attacking Ted Cruz for being a Cuban-American would work. It didn’t. Then Trump tried attacking Cruz for being a Cuban-Protestant, arguing that not many Evangelicals come out of Cuba. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, who refered to his sexual exploits with women as his own personal Vietnam (a war he dodged), conservatives remained skeptical.

Here is Donald Trump testifying to his moral qualifications to serve as President of the United States.

STERN: Now getting back to dating, and when you got to say to a woman, you gotta go to my personal doctor and I’m gonna have you checked out, is that a tough thing to say to a woman?

TRUMP: It’s amazing, I can’t even believe it. I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world.  It is a dangerous world out there.  It’s like Vietnam, sort of.

STERN: Hey it’s your personal Vietnam isn’t it?

TRUMP: It is my personal Vietnam.  I feel like a great and very brave soldier!

STERN: A lot of guys who went through Vietnam came out unscathed.  A lot of guys going through the 80’s having sex with different women came out with AIDS and all kinds of things.

TRUMP: This is better than Vietnam, but it’s uh… it’s more fun.

Donald Trump, despite being an adulterer, now married to a foreign-born porn star, still has the guts to attack his Republican opponent on moral grounds, accusing Ted Cruz of lying about his record on Health Care, Taxes, the 2nd Amendment, and Abortion, despite the fact that Senator Cruz is merely quoting Trump in his own words after taking years of interviews with the establishment media.

Accusing Senator Ted Cruz for lying about something on audio and video is a bit bizarre, even for an eccentric billionaire.

Donald Trump has done nothing but lie about his past and about his record, so he has employed the Alinsky tactic of attacking his opposition’s strength. No one is more trustworthy and consistent than Ted Cruz, but The Donald has accused Cruz of lying and has threatened to sue him. This may be Donald Trump’s biggest mistake, because Ted Cruz is not Ben Carson, or Jeb Bush, or Carly Fiorina. He won’t just lay down and play dead for a billionaire. Ted Cruz is ready and ready to fight back.

While all the other candidates fade under the slimy nastiness of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz continues to rise to the occasion, and to Donald Trump’s horror, Ted Cruz is now leading Trump in nationwide polling.

Ted Cruz is the only candidate able to take down Donald Trump, the only one who can stand up to his infantile bullying, and the only one who can represent the Republican Party with integrity and dignity. If Donald Trump wants to get cute in court, then Ted Cruz is the last person in America The Donald should tangle with, but let’s hope he does. If Donald Trump is good for anything, after all, it’s entertainment.

Donald Trump apparently has taken his cues from Nickelodeon’s “You Can’t Do That On Television”, trying to slime his opponents into the ground. Obviously, it’s not working when it comes to Senator Ted Cruz, the adult in the room.

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