Donald Trump: The Undisputed Republican Nominee


Donald Trump’s Convention Speech was everything I expected it to be. Mr. Trump and his family reached out to Democrats on women’s issues, gay rights, the protection of unions, all while avoiding social-conservative hot button issues like abortion. He reached out to Independents and disaffected voters, avoiding all hints of conservative rhetoric, while taking more publically acceptable positions on social issues. He reached out to the Tea Party and the aging Caucasian population with his overstated commitment to law and order and his renewed commitment to building a wall and making Mexicans pay for it. Conservatives weren’t left wanting, as Donald Trump took the strongest possible stance on Religious Liberty (courtesy of his Vice Presidential selection, Governor Mike Pence, no doubt).

Trump’s speech was dripping with Reagan optimism. Donald Trump explained why he, and only he, is qualified to solve all of the nations problems. After all, what American doesn’t want to see their country teeming with new found wealth and prosperity? What American doesn’t want to see America’s greatness expressed for all the world to see? What American doesn’t want our enemies trembling in fear and bowing before the might of our military?

Donald Trump promised all of this – and more.

During the primary, there was a great deal of talk about Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and Carly Fiorina and their unique abilities at eviscerating the character and leadership of Hillary Clinton. Is there any doubt, this morning, that Donald Trump possesses the skill to savage Mrs. Clinton and the entire Clinton record as well as any Republican on the primary trail?

Over the last 72 hours, Donald Trump has indeed solidified his leadership over the Republican Party. Anyone giving Donald Trump anything less than their full throated support have been mocked, ridiculed, booed, and marginalized by the Republican Party’s new titular head and his growing army of enthusiastic supporters. If there was to be any doubt about acceptable levels of commitment, that doubt has been put to rest. Activists giving less than 100% support to their nominee have been torn apart by their own delegations, trolled and brutalized across social media, and intimated. It has never been more clear than in this election, you are either on the GOP Train or you’re tied to the railroad tracks.

Trump’s optimism and his campaigns broad appeal makes his victory in November a probability. I myself, a reluctant passenger on the Trump Train, find myself impressed with its size, its speed, and its vicious strength. Nothing is stopping this train. Nothing will get in its way. The Trump Train will no longer be taking detours or making unscheduled stops – it goes straight to the White House.

For years, the Republican Party’s leadership has lamented its inability to successfully move to the center of the political spectrum. Every Republican that has tried to capture this once mythical political landscape has failed, abandoned by major party factions without which they could not survive. Trump, however, has cornered the market despite his inability to make any particular faction happy, garnering plurality support from every Republican Demographic.

Donald Trump is the undisputed Republican Nominee.

Strap in or buckle up, but it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


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