Donald Trump, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, and the New Sort-Of Republican Party

Donald Trump, the Republican Front-Runner, Planned Parenthood defender, and foul-mouthed scourge of conservatives and establishment hardliners alike, has had a psychedelic effect on the Republican landscape.

Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, foodie, and bluster-aficionado, has endorsed billionaire playboy Donald Trump. Whether Christie is angling for a position as Attorney General in a Trump Administration, or whether promised a lifetime supply of Lobster and Hoogies at Trump Restaurants, no one can say for sure; but we can all marvel at the magical mystery tour unfolding before us.

Shaun Kenney, of Bearing Drift, writes,

Speculation on why Christie never threw a punch at Trump during the debates has been rather vocal in recent days, and if the rumors are true — and these are rumors — of a Trump/Kasich ’16 alliance heading into Cleveland?  Consider where the candidates overlap: high tariffs, protectionism, an expansion of Medicaid, single payer health care, etc.

Now, if I were to have told you that TEA Party, Conservative, and Moderate Republicans would rally around a platform of high tariffs, protectionism, Medicaid expansion, and single-payer health care in 2016, you probably would have thought I was off my nut, or merely waxing reflectively after an afternoon with Albert Hofmann.

Alas, this is precisely what we are witnessing.

Mr. Kenney continues,

Trump populism and Rockefeller moderatism aren’t perceptibly different from one another.  Hostile to social conservatives and free markets, warm to protectionism and government-fed solutions, this branch of the Republican Party — once thought dead — is now back with a virulence.  Big government wedded to Tea Party fanaticism.

The real question now?  How many Vichy conservatives will flock to the Trump banners?

It would appear, ladies and gentlemen, that Rubio and Cruz now hold the ramparts for what remains of modern American conservatism.

Apparently, authoritarianism is in. Top-down centralization, Venezuelan Strong Men, and autocratic populism is in. The banners flapping in the thin air at the heights of Trumps’ political tower are calling all the wrong people to his side; but called they are and arrived they have, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Many in the TEA Party, furious with Corporatist corruption appear to have decided that the crime in all this corruption has been committed merely by those who have been purchased, not by those who have done the purchasing – and being courted by the very corporatist class that has corrupted their elected officials, they, in a remarkable demonstration of hypocrisy, now too, have seen the bright lights of the billionaire class and have fallen in love. Maybe Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid trust Donald Trump because they know that Trump is too rich to be bought. So doing whatever Trump pays them to do, well, it just makes good sense – and hell, they might just be making America Great Again.

It will be hard for me to listen to my TEA Party brethren tell me about how my Congressman is a sell out to big business and special interest lobbyists, as well as the corrupt corporatist billionaire class, after watching them vote for a big business and special interest lobbyist-in-chief and corrupt corporatist billionaire.

I did enjoy listening to Trump Supporters bashing Kasich and Christie – but it would seem as though Kasich is Trump’s likely VP and Christie is likely Trump’s AG, and conservatives (obviously, by virtue of self-identification only) are simply too excited about Trump to care.

It’s really quite fascinating. This Republican Primary and this emerging new Republican Party has not been and is not a circus. It’s a Friday Night at Timothy Leary’s house listening to Jimi Hendricks records backwards.

So, after hours of caustic consternation, I figure I’ll settle in for the evening, pop in my DVD of the Beatles Yellow Submarine, and call it a night.



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