Dominion Power: Four Rivers Revamp to Begin in Caroline

As reported in March of this year, Dominion Power will be replacing a 34 mile stretch of frames and wire from Hanover to Fredericksburg, right through the heart of Caroline County. The original line was built in 1957 at a 230kv capacity, but has been running at 115kv since 1990. Tuesday evening, Dominion Power presented a report to the Caroline County Board of Supervisors to announce that the Caroline segment of the project will begin as early as next week. Dominion will be replacing wood polls and the 230kv lines with weathered steel polls and new 115kv lines which meet current reliability standards.

four-riversDominion Power assured the Board that there would be no disruption in electric service to either Dominion or Rappahannock Electric Cooperative customers. Supervisor Floyd Thomas, wisely weary of such assurances, requested that Dominion notify the county when any switch over of power occurs, so that Caroline County can issue an alert to residents to be aware of the very slight possibility that something could go wrong. Bypass cables will be set up and connected to substations to ensure no disruption of service and Dominion Power has an outstanding track record of performing these switch overs without incident or disruption of power.

Notices will be mailed to residents in areas where Dominion Power will be working and Dominion Power is committed to their “good neighbor” policy. Business cards and contact information where handed out to all of the members of the Board. However, if you have any questions about the Four Rivers revamp, you can call Dominion directly at 1-888-291-0190.

The new weathered steel polls will be 4.5 feet taller than the old wood polls they are replacing. The vast majority of the Four Rivers project will require only the drilling of new holes for the new polls, so no concrete trucks (which have a tendency to tear up roads) will be required. You may see fenced off mats along the ground with live wire intended to ensure uninterrupted service to residents. The window of construction will go through autumn of 2017. Dominion Power will work closely with residents of Caroline Pines, in Ruther Glen, to ensure that residents are aware of all of the work entailed within their community.


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