Dear Rand Paul Supporter

Dear Rand Paul Supporter,

I’ve always had mixed feeling about you. I’ve been one of you. In many ways, I am one of you. Alas, bereft of a desire toward the impossible, toward the idealistic, toward the ridiculous, I could not join you on your 2016 journey. For this, I am both relieved and saddened.

Rand Paul is a Republican. Rand Paul has worked with Democrat leaders on behalf of sentencing reform. He endorsed Mitch McConnell. He’s voted with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee on numerous occasions against Party Leadership in the Senate. He’s a strict constitutionalist. He’s very libertarian. He’s incredibly smart and he has served admirably in the Senate.

And I have no doubt, that were it not for his supporters, he could have been the next President of the United States.

The Rand Paul supporter is not a Republican, they won’t work around Democrats, they despise Mitch McConnell. They hate Ted Cruz and they give Mike Lee no respect whatsoever. They are strictly libertarian. They have not been smart and they have rarely ever appealed to the Senator’s voting record. They appealed to his voting percentage, but they rarely ever talked about his record. They talked about Audit the Fed, but usually only to point out that Senator Cruz missed the cloture vote.

Rand Paul rarely talks about refusing to fight our enemies overseas, unless they kill a whole bunch of us here. His supporters do. Rand Paul does talk about the foolishness of red lines we won’t follow and no fly zones designed to start World War 3, but he doesn’t talk about his fellow Republicans as warmongering blood-worshiping bastards. His supporters do.

You see, Rand Paul is a Republican. He supports Republicans, he works with Republicans, and he has done more for liberty within the Republican Party than just about any Republican in the Legislature since his father. His supporters are not Republican. They hate Republicans. They won’t work with Republicans and they have done very little for the Republican Party, including during his Father’s years in the House. (I know of the exceptions and I love you).

Rand Paul talks about The Constitution of the United States. Many of his supporters talk about how George W. Bush orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. Rand Paul talks about getting government out of our lives, while his supporters attack all the other Republicans who would otherwise be influenced by Senator Paul’s brilliant and articulate arguments.

I know… I fully understand that this seems mean, feels like an attack, and will probably not convince a single one of you to change. Here’s the thing. Rand Paul, the guy Rand Paul supporters support, is doing it right. He’s showing you the way. Only, you aren’t paying attention. You’re screaming at Faux News and bashing Ted Cruz, yelling about how the system is rigged and never actually investing your time and your considerable intelligence into taking over that system. Meanwhile, Rand Paul is gaining power in the United States Senate, but he’ll never gain any real influence until you, the Rand Paul supporter, follows his lead.

You do not make an impact on the Republican Party by pissing on the Republican Party. You do not convince people to see the world through your eyes by punching them in theirs. You do not start a Liberty Movement by telling everyone else who is even slightly sympathetic to your cause that they are bigoted, evil, blood-worshiping, war-mongering bastards who hate liberty.

You just don’t.

Rand Paul didn’t lose this election.

You did.

I love Senator Rand Paul and I believe he is the future of the Republican Party. I love Libertarians and I believe they have more to contribute to the salvation of the Republican Party than just about any other faction, other than the Constitutionalists. However, if you won’t get down in the trenches and fight with us, within the party, you’ll always be on the outside, with no power, with no influence, and with no hope of ever winning anything. As a Rand Paul supporter myself, these are lessons I hope you’ll learn, for the sake of the country, for the sake of liberty, and for the sake of everyone who believes in individual sovereignty.

But, don’t listen to me… I’m just another warmongering, Republican sell-out, who is not to be trusted or listened to.

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  • Eric McGrane

    Well said. Its actually very saddening. I’m a huge fan of Rand Paul too, but SOOO MANNNY of his supporters act precisely in the way you describe. If more of them could find a way to be remotely civil, perhaps Paul will have a chance one day. Seeing Rand not do well this election has been particularly frustrating.