Cruz Crew! More Work To Do in Virginia’s 1st Congressional District

While Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign for the Republican Nomination for President, there is still a great deal of work left to do for those constitutional conservatives whom supported him.

Most importantly, if you live in Virginia’s First Congressional District and are a registered delegate, then you need to make sure you show up to the 1st District Convention at James Monroe High School (2300 Washington Ave) in Fredericksburg, Virginia, by 4pm.

Steve Albertson, Jeanine Lawson, and Laurie Tryfiates are running for National Delegate and we need them to represent the conservative movement in Cleveland, Ohio at our National Convention.

We are also choosing our State Central representatives from the 1st District and there is an outstanding conservative ticket before us: Steve Albertson, Bob Watson, and Larry Kile. Gordon Howard is also another excellent choice if you’re a supporter of primaries over conventions (I do know three or four people who feel that way). But if you are following politics in Virginia, then you most certainly know Steve Albertson and Bob Watson and know that these two gentlemen in particular will represent our voice inside the Republican Party of Virginia.

While Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, there is still a great deal we must accomplish on behalf of our constitutional and conservative values. Senator Ted Cruz was not our candidate because we liked him personally, or because he entertained us, or because it was his turn to be President. Senator Ted Cruz represents an objective and very specific political philosophy which we support. While Senator Cruz shares our optimism for the future of this country, our respect for our Judeo-Christian heritage, and our firm commitment to preserving the integrity of the United States Constitution, Liberty, and American way of life, we all share this in common with one another too.

The 1st District Convention will be an excellent place for Constitutional Conservatives to gather, network, and demonstrate that we are the base and principled majority of the Republican Party in Virginia (just as we did at our State Convention last Friday and Saturday). Let’s continue to support our people on our RPV’s State Central Committee and send folks who share our beliefs and principles to the National Convention where they will represent us in preserving our conservative party platform. (There is more going on at National Conventions than merely going through the motions of nominating our nominee).

I’ll be there early and I’m looking forward to meeting many of the great patriots across Virginia’s 1st Congressional District.

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