Congressman Dave Brat Tackles Budget Nonsense

Congressional Republican Leadership is at it again, looking to find a massive government-growing budget that the President can sign. It’s not as hard as you might think. The President wants over four trillion dollars, so to remain reasonable, Republicans in Congress can meet him half way and still demonstrate reckless amounts of fiscal insanity and “restraint”.

Congressman Dave Brat, of 7th District Virginia fame and House Freedom Caucus member, opposes Speaker Ryan’s budget. It is unusual, in Virginia, to have a Congressman who talks about cutting spending and actually means it – but here we are. Congressman Brat is doing exactly that. After weeks of unfounded rumors that Congressman Brat was looking for a way to vote for the Ryan Budget, Congressman Brat, last week, announced that he would not support it.

Now, before all the demagoguery begins accusing Congressman Brat of opposing everything good in the budget, I would like to take a moment to appreciate the principled resolve of a Congressman who continues to pass up every opportunity to become the darling of K Street lobbyists. After all, working spending into budgets is how Congressman in Washington D.C. get paid. It’s how they go from making whatever they made going into Congress to coming out multi-millionaires. Every time Congressman Brat votes against a budget, a tax loophole, or a subsidy, he passes up yet another opportunity to get appointed to some board or another. We should appreciate the fact that he’s trying to keep us out of debt and taking principled stands against the reckless fiscal policies of a federal government no longer in touch with the American people.

Folks in the 7th District are in the middle of a primary season where they are battling one another to ensure that their candidate is the next Republican Nominee for President of the United States. I hope that they have not missed the fact that their Congressman is once again taking on the Washington Cartel in yet another bold and principled stand.

So this is what I’m asking, because I don’t live in the 7th District (though when I follow your Congressman on occasion, I wish I did) what I would like everyone in Virginia to do is to check out Congressman Brat’s website here and take a look at what the Congressman has been up to. If you live in the 7th District and you would like to thank the Congressman for standing up against dangerous spending and debt levels, you can contact the Congressman here. Inside or outside of Congressman Brat’s District, if you’d like to invest a little bit of money in a representative that, you know, actually represents you, you can do so here.

I know we’re all caught up in the media coverage surrounding the Presidential Campaign (which isn’t wrong), however, it would be wise to remember that Congress is still in session and that we’ve sent some great conservatives to fight on our behalf (and that this is important as well).



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