How Donald Trump Achieves His Landslide Victory

July 21, 2016 0

Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s Nominee for President of the United States. It was a long, impetuous, and balkanizing journey – but here we are. Over the next few days we’ll watch as exhausted members of the GOP announce their meaningless Delve In

Donald Trump’s Lasting Effect On the Conservative Movement

July 16, 2016 0

The last 24 hours have been difficult for me, as I watched Donald Trump and his progressive populists obliterate all the reforms offered by Morton Blackwell and the conservatives. This unity pact between Donald Trump, the progressive populists, and the establishment served Delve In

#NeverTrump Take Warning

July 14, 2016 0

While I have nothing but respect for many of the conservatives in the #NeverTrump movement – and while I completely understand their strong opposition to Donald Trump’s nomination – the #NeverTrump movement threatens to destroy the Republican Party for generations to come. Delve In

Politicians & Their Supporters

July 14, 2016 0

Every politician faces the same three fundamental challenges in their pursuit of gaining and sustaining the support of their constituents. These challenges are their personality and appearance, their legislative record, and their supporters. The first challenge is personality and appearance. There are Delve In

Cuccinelli’s Reforms Hit the Mark

July 13, 2016 0

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is looking for sponsorship for an outstanding proposal to the RNC Rules Committee aimed at decentralizing power away from the RNC Chairman. While his proposal is unlikely to find support amongst the majority of pro-establishment members Delve In

Things May Only Get Worse For Virginia Republicans

July 9, 2016 4

As the blood finally dries after the Presidential Republican Primary battles in Virginia, the next vicious civil war is already on the horizon. Primary battles for Governor, Attorney General, and Lieutenant Governor all pit various factions of the Republican Grassroots against one Delve In

On The State of the Conservative Movement

July 6, 2016 24

When the TEA Party exploded onto the political scene in 2008, all of America witnessed a powerful end to political apathy in this country. People began looking to get informed and what they discovered infuriated them even more. From 2009 through 2010, Delve In

The Republican Party is Strong Enough for Trump

June 9, 2016 0

I am a constitutionalist and libertarian-leaning Republican. I have participated in many battles against the Republican Establishment. I have been critical of the Republican Party. That does not mean that I believe that the Republican Party is anything except the most powerful Delve In

Sheriff Wade Heats Up in the 4th: By Anita Hile

June 4, 2016 1

I’ve thought long and hard whether to share this information, how to share it diplomatically, whether to guard some information or frame it in such a way that wouldn’t be as harsh as the actual occurrence, but have decided that the truth Delve In

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